Monday, June 6, 2011

John Nolte reviews 'The Undefeated'

Steve Bannon is "doing the job the corrupt MSM won’t"
Big Hollywood editor John Nolte, in his review of "The Undefeated," says the fact that an independent filmmaker had to spend a million dollars of his own money in order to get the true story of Sarah Palin's record as a governor, oil & gas commissioner and mayor out to the American public is nothing less than "an indictment" of the mainstream media:
While our corrupt journalist-class is (at this very moment) out trashing Governor Palin’s children, blaming her for their own acts of public urination and proving they know nothing about Paul Revere (or Google), writer/director Steve Bannon is putting the final touches on “The Undefeated” (this is a review of a rough cut), a feature-length documentary that does the MSM’s job for them — tells the intentionally ignored and buried stories of Sarah Palin’s two decades as an unconventional but very effective public official. Unless you’ve read the Governor’s autobiography “Going Rogue,” anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty will find it impossible to sit through this film and not ask themselves, “Why haven’t I been told this?”


Leftists in the MSM (but I repeat myself) have already complained about “The Undefeated” being commissioned by Palin (a lie) and that it skips over issues like the nonsense-scandal that was TrooperGate. But the very fact that everyone reading this already knows about TrooperGate answers that criticism. “The Undefeated” is about filling in the gaping holes the corrupt MSM intentionally dug. The documentary is new information for anyone still stupid enough to watch the Nightly News and read Politico. Furthermore, unlike the MSM, Bannon makes no secret of his biases. He’s not weaponizing objectivity or trying to con anyone. But if the early response is any indication, critics intend to do to the film what they to do to Palin: ignore substance at all costs.

Among others, thanks to Andrew Breitbart, Kate Obenshain, Tammy Bruce, and Mark Levin, “The Undefeated” closes strong — especially when Breitbart attacks GOP establishment “eunuchs” who to this very day lack the “chivalry” and courage to fight those who seek to destroy this woman in unprecedented ways. But even larger-than-life personalities can’t outshine the Governor herself. In a series of well-selected clips from recent speeches, there’s Sarah where she always is: alone on a stage in the middle of the fight talking about her love for America, her belief in liberty, and fearlessly giving hell to whoever has it coming … regardless of party.

Will “The Undefeated” change minds? I think it will, especially among open-minded Independents who have yet to be introduced to “this” Sarah Palin.

Nolte evaluates “The Undefeated” as "a comprehensive and at times moving must-see for anyone interested in the truth about Sarah Palin." That includes the aforementioned and politically all-important independents and, hopefully, those moderate Republicans who are willing to sit down and watch this film with an open mind. Liberals, for the most part, aren't a bit interested in the truth about Sarah Palin, but rather in finding new ways to try to destroy her. Fortunately, the left only represents about 20% of the voting public.

Palin supporters who are into social media can follow "The Undefeated" via Facebook and on Twitter. A website will be unveiled soon.

- JP

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