Monday, June 13, 2011

James Lewis on how Point Guard Sarah Barracuda Plays the Press

"It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of vipers."
According to James Lewis' observation at American Thinker Monday, Sarah Barracuda is playing the press for suckers. Although they hate it, they can't they leave the point guard of politics alone. Meanwhile, she's driving the lane and running up the score with front page coverage. That's the kind of publicity candidates and would be candidates who lack her political instincts pay real money for. "The media mob." says Lewis, "are cutting their noses to spite their faces":
I don't know if we have the sleaziest and most corrupt media in American history -- maybe in human history? -- but they all deserve a Pulitzer for Aggravated Mendacity. (That means "lying," if any of them are trying to read this). But it's not just their Central Party Line propaganda, day in and day out. It's also their personal wickedness, their abject ignorance, bottomless vulgarity and corruption, their lynch mob mentality -- even aimed at one-year old baby Trig Palin -- their idiotic mass conformity, and now, thanks to Governor Palin, they look like the idiots they really are. The sheer malignity of the Left and its Organs of Propaganda is being exposed every single day.


But Palin doesn't need to please the media. She has her Facebook, she has Twitter, she has her own websites, YouTube movies, that big new movie coming out, most of all she's got the movie star good looks and that smile. Feminazis all around the country are having nightmares. What if we get President Sarah Palin? They will never live it down.


Then there's the well-timed 24,000 email web dump, courtesy of the State of Alaska and some moronic state FOIA demand from the media.

Lefties around the world were salivating, sure they would finally get a chance to dig really nasty dirt about this brilliant woman -- who they're sure is a drooling idiot. I mean, she called her baby Trig! And she didn't abort him! How moronic is that?

The Left fell for Sarah's sucker play. The New York Times called for volunteers to go through Sarah Palin's emails as Governor of Alaska. The WaPo cried for help. Even the UK Guardian (a big power in the Leftist Party Line cabal) is desperately looking for data crunchers. The LA Times is wetting its collective pants.

I was afraid the mob would finally crucify Governor Palin. Who doesn't have some dirt in 24,000 emails? Can the NYT or the WaPo pass that test? Not a chance. If we ever get a chance to read their in-house emails, ugly dirt will spill from every page. These are not nice people, our mediots, and they are very abusive -- to each other, to their audiences, and to politicians. They run a reign of terror.

The result? The emails show that Palin ran a competent administration in Alaska, that she conducted tough negotiations with the oil companies, that the corrupt Republican blowhards over there hate Our Sarah as much as the Demagogue apparatchiks. If there are any honest people still slogging through that mountain of emails, they may turn into Palin fans yet.

Gov. Palin is playing snake charmer to the media vipers, and she has them hypnotized, Lewis says. She has completely turned the tables on them. Wasn't it just a few short months ago when Dana Milbank made his pathetic attempt to persuade his fellow leftist hacks to censor Sarah Palin from all media coverage for a month? Many of his fellow Journ-O-Listers never signed on to the campaign, and Milbank was talking about Sarah Palin himself just hours after he imposed his erstwhile moratorium on Palin coverage. After being called on it, he blamed an editor or someone. Curious, that's the same culprit Politico cited when two of its authors attributed a made-up quote to Gov. Palin just a few days ago. Good for Sarah Barracuda; she has the media recycling its lame excuses when it gets caught trying to pull a fast one on her.

- JP

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