Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gutless Grandstanding to Gig a Grizzly

'The left sinks to new lows' has become a cliché
Whether Sarah Palin's One Nation Tour is a quest to try to get America back in touch with its founding, or whether it's a testing-the-waters expedition is a valid question for debate. But in the active imagination of a ten year old child for whom politics is just boring stuff that adults do, it's a vacation. You don't need advanced degrees in child psychology to figure it out unless, you're a Democrat with an agenda and a cable "news" network for a megaphone.

MSNBC crackpot host Lawrence O’Donnell and radical leftist Comgressman Earl Blumenauer show that they have no problem with running a sword through Piper Palin to get to her mom:

America is broke, thanks to the likes of Blumenauer and other Democrats who have spent other people's money like drunken... well, Democrats; beltway statists have skyrocketed the national debt up to incomprehensible heights; unemployment under Obama is double what it was when Dems blamed Bush in 2005 for it being 4.5 percent; Obama is borrowing money from China to give to Greece; he loaned more Chinese money to Brazil to drill for oil that he's promised to buy from them, after shutting down domestic production in the Gulf of Mexico. With all that and much worse going on, Blumenauer and O'Donnell are obsessed with whether the National Park Service gave 15 minutes of its time to talk to Sarah Palin exclusively at a stop on her bus tour?

We always knew "progressives" had their priorities all out of whack, but the left's obsession with making war on Sarah Palin and her family is nothing less than pathological. That Blumenauer and his useful idiot O'Donnell would use MSPDS to grandstand about it while attacking little Piper Palin to sling a little mud at her mother clearly demonstrates that the left no longer cares how low it sinks below the level of the rest of humanity.

h/t: Mediacrank

- JP

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