Saturday, June 4, 2011

Augusta Chronicle Editorial: The Palin pile-on

"These people are positively obsessed with her. Sorry, but it's certainly not mutual."
An Augusta Chronicle editorial looks at the antics of the lamestream media during Sarah Palin's One Nation Tour this past week, and opines that the spectacle of reporters stalking Gov. Palin and then blaming her for it all was "comical."

The editorial staff singled out NBC/MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell for having the intention "to cast aspersions" on the governor and making her reporting fit the NBC anti-Palin narrative by seeking out a biker to say that the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate was an uninvited "distraction" at Rolling Thunder. Mitchell never bother to check with other officers of the veterans biker organization who later confirmed that Gov. Palin was actually invited to participate:
Talk about going out of your way -- to the point of getting the whole story wrong -- to shine the spotlight on someone! Oh well, you know Andrea Mitchell's point, even if it's an unfair, inaccurate one.

CNN's Jessica Yellin oddly bemoaned the coverage of Palin's bus tour -- which her network featured just about every hour of the broadcast day for several days -- as "a media low point."

Some of us think the media's low point might have been when a network personality confessed to having a thrill run up his leg at the sound of a certain politician. But OK.

Just a thought: If it pains Mitchell and Yellin so much to give Palin the spotlight -- in Mitchell's case, for the express purpose of ginning up complaints about her that have no basis in truth -- why don't they stop?


These people are positively obsessed with her.

Sorry, but it's certainly not mutual.

- JP

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