Saturday, June 11, 2011

Andy Barr: Emails show a governor engaged, effective, attentive

Gov. Palin was right when she said all of the rocks have been turned over
Politico reporter Andy Barr says the Great Alaskan Email Dump "not only shows how effective she is, but how attentive she is as governor." An additional benefit she will derive from media scrutiny of the emails, Barr points out, is that it reinforces the image of Gov. Palin as a very serious executive presented in the forthcoming documentary film "The Undefeated." The emails, he observes, are evidence which back up some of the claims being made about her in the movie:

Right, Andy. It's called "leadership." And Sarah Palin has been an effective leader her entire political career.

- JP


  1. And I thought journalism couldn't become more pitiful, then it already has become. To bad the media couldn't have done this type of "investigative reporting" on Obama a few years ago. Oh wait, they actually LIKE him.

    Activist journalism disguised as journalism

  2. Now, if only Politico would stop lying about her, and making up fake "quotes."

    The One Nation Tour, the email dump, and The Undefeated will lead to the defeat of 0bama in 2012.