Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ABC News: Gov. Palin may visit Juba, South Sudan July 9

That's the day South Sudan becomes an independent nation
As we reported Sunday, Sarah Palin told a correspondent for the Times of London at New Hampshire clambake last week, “I am going to Sudan in July and hope to stop in England on the way.” Contacted by ABC News, an aide to Gov. Palin would not confirm or elaborate on her plans to go to Africa, saying “I can’t go beyond what the governor said.”

That didn't stop ABC News from speculating:
ABC News’ Dana Hughes reports it’s possible Palin will visit Juba in South Sudan on July 9. That’s the date South Sudan, which is predominantly black and Christian, will become its own country separate from North Sudan, which is predominantly Arab and Muslim. Christian conservatives have latched on to the plight of Sudan’s southerners since former President George W. Bush’s first term. His administration brokered a peace agreement that started South Sudan down its path to secession.
A visit to Sudan would be the third international trip for Gov. Palin this year. In March, she went to India to address a business conference in New Delhi, and traveled to Israel from there, spending three days in Jerusalem and meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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