Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aaron Gee: NPR defends Palin?

"Sarah Palin is a lightning rod."
Aaron Gee, who writes for American Thinker, got an unexpected surprise while listening to NPR's "All Things Considered" on the return leg of his daily commute yesterday. The topic of discussion on the afternoon public radio program was "How Accurate Were Palin's Paul Revere Comments?"
Here we go again, I was prepared for the usual "Palin is a moron" storyline. Surprisingly that didn't happen. What I got was Robert Allison, a professor and historian at Suffolk University, telling the NPR host that Palin basically got it right. The interviewer, Melissa Block, tries to cajole a different narrative out of the professor and historian...


The result is a classic public radio moment wherein the good professor gets to the heart of the matter; Sarah Palin is a lightning rod for the media, and NPR wouldn't have been talking to him about Paul Revere or the American Revolution if it hadn't been for an off the cuff remark from an Alaskan politician.
Gee doesn't think this interview quite turned out the way the left wing NPR producers had imagined.

Audio and transcript of the segment are here.

- JP

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