Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 195

"Still Unbroken" Edition

R.G. Yoho at Allvoices.com:
"I have only seen one other person who could take this level of abuse, hatred, and character assassination, and still remain in good spirits. That other person would be none other than President Ronald Wilson Reagan. In the past week, we have seen Sarah Palin's character assassinated because of the actions of a lone, deranged assassin. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they have done everything this side of saying the woman supplied him the weapon... It is incredible to me that she takes this level of abuse and still maintains her optimism and unbridled love for America. That is extraordinary for any individual, man or woman."
Ulsterman at South Capitol Street:
"As for Sarah Palin herself, she has again emerged a stronger figure than before."
Tim Davis at Yes, But However:
"The nightly comedic digs at Palin are working opposite the intended effect, because the punchline of each joke, that she’s not very smart, doesn’t rate comedy so much as extreme density on the part of the jokester... It only endears her to the heartland, where the next election is going to be decided. Attention comics: Palin isn’t stupid, and people know it... For those who remember when... Ronald Reagan’s election was dreaded and not to be believed, then get used to the fact that on a very cold day in January, 2013 Sarah Palin will be sworn in as the first Alaskan, first woman... as POTUS. The bigger shock may be not that she was elected, but that Palin could turn out to be a good President. Reagan will have the Irish laugh on us all."
David Brody at CBN News:
"Was it just me or did Sarah Palin look like she was President when she gave her address to the American people about the tragedy in Tucson?"
Andrew Walden at Hawaii Free Press:
"Something happened to Eric Fuller on the way to his 15 minutes of fame. It took about one day for this very typical and average Progressive activist to implode and he did it in front of dozens of people during the taping of an ABC News Town Hall... Hopefully the mental health system in Arizona will do a better job of treating poor Mr. Fuller than they did with the schizophrenic Tucson shooter. But we have to understand that, unlike Loughner who allegedly suffers from an organic brain disorder, Fuller was driven to his rage by the rhetoric being used by Democrats and the liberal media blaming their political opponents for the shootings — in fact Fuller was emerging as one of the key proponents of that rhetoric."
John W Lillpop at Voice of Lillpop:
"The big question: Is James Eric Fuller bidding for a gig with MSNBC?"
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"Culling through the hyperbole and hypocrisy, the Official Award for most hypocritical criticism of Palin's use of the term 'blood libel' goes to Andrew Cohen... If Cohen so casually threw around the term 'blood libel' in the heat of a presidential election, who is Cohen now to attack Sarah Palin for using the term as to false accusations that she caused the murder of several people in Tucson?"
Merv Benson at PrairiePundit:
"I am sure the left would like for Palin not to respond to any of their aspersions so it would be easier to defeat her politically. I am also sure the liberal fantasy land on the Washington cocktail circuit would like for all conservatives to go away."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"The Washington Post had better refrain from telling other media outlets to tone down their rhetoric, for on Sunday, one of the paper's longest running columnists asked on national television, 'How much time do we have left to talk about how stupid Sarah Palin is?' Such was said by Richard Cohen, a man that has been with the Post since 1968, towards the end of CNN's 'Fareed Zakaria GPS'... Hmmm. So I guess calling Sarah Palin stupid is civil in Zakaria's view. Color me very unsurprised. Nice job of toning down the rhetoric, boys!"
Nice Deb:
"How’s This For Civility... Condescending schmucks."
Marooned in Marin:
"Answer this Dick, if Sarah Palin is so stupid, why does she occupy so much rent free space in not only your head, but the heads of every other liberal elitist, and some alleged "conservatives" (David Frum, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker) as well? I mean, you libs have nearly the same psychotic obsession about Sarah Palin as Jared Loughner had about Gabrielle Giffords. Simple answer: You're all afraid of her."
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism:
"While praying for the recovery of the Safeway victims all last week, we also documented the media’s attempts to defame the tea party... while lecturing America on civility and rhetoric... The result? Death threats against Sarah Palin are at an all-time high..."
AWR Hawkins at Big Hollywood:
"There has been a concerted effort to affix blame for the shooting on conservatives like Sarah Palin and bodies of conservatism, like the Tea Party... Three people who have predominated in these efforts are Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, and Kathy Griffin... The issue that brought these three shameless individuals together seems to have been their all-consuming hatred of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party... For example, after the shooting in Tucson Moore took some of Palin’s words out of context and tweeted: 'When Palin put crosshairs on a map w/Rep. Giffords & 19 other Dem congressmen/women, she urged followers to ‘reload’ & ‘aim’ for Democrats.' On the very day of the shooting, Fonda made an unfounded assumption and blogged of how 'sure' she was that Giffords had been 'shot by ‘right wing fanatics who have been repeatedly harassing and threatening Giffords, egged on by Sarah Palin and…Tea Party members’...' And Griffin, ever the least exciting one, reiterated the number of persons Loughner had shot then asked simply: 'Happy now Sarah?' Moore, Fonda, and Griffin should all be ashamed, and they would be, except that they aren’t capable of feeling it."
Sonny Palermo at I Hate The Media:
"Yes, while criticizing Palin for using gun metaphors [Chris] Matthews used a gun metaphor."
Jeff Jefferson at NewsReal Blog:
"The most glaring examples of the bimbo narrative are focused upon Sarah Palin. Matthews, along with many in the mainstream media, have repeatedly accused her of lacking intelligence... The narrative where leftist thought is considered smart and informed while conservative thinking being regressive is nothing new, but what is new is that those that have portrayed themselves as the champions of women are dropping their charade. As with most left-wing postulates, the rules are there to be followed by the Right and to be discarded when it becomes advantageous to the Left: ideological isms are always trumped by advancement of the agenda. As for Chris Matthews, Archie Bunker’s chair may be sitting in the Smithsonian, but the new seat of sexist bigotry can be found on the set of MSNBC’s ‘Hardball.’"
- JP

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