Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Megan Fox: Frisky-Fems Finally Find Single Mother They Hate

It's Bristol Palin, of course
As the buzz spread across entertainment websites that Bristol Palin has a new boyfriend, the harpies of hate at The Frisky demonstrated once again that that are more about leftism than empowering women by denigrating the 20 year old. At NewsReal Blog, Megan Fox comments:
I could probably explain to The Frisky editorial staff why they’re all single. It might have to do with the fact that they write articles for the entire world (and dating pool) detailing how they are alcoholic tramps who secretly wish they could be call girls. I say that with love and the best intentions to help them in their sad plight of singledom... Clearly, no one is ponying up a ring and a date for Frisky-fems. Bristol Palin has nothing to do with it. But the level of envy is palpable over at The Frisky.

Strangely enough, Bristol Palin may be the only single mother leftist feminists can’t stand. Up until now we’ve been made to believe it’s the most advanced, liberating experience on the planet akin to putting a man on the moon. Single motherhood is a political platform for the Left. But Bristol doesn’t get protection from faux-feminists because she is speaking out against one of their sacred beliefs.


It’s as if Bristol’s ambition to help teens choose abstinence (the only 100% proven way to avoid pregnancies and STDs) is the worst and most unattractive choice they’ve ever seen. No man (in their sphere) would ever be attracted to such a clean-thinking woman. And horror of horrors, she has an adorable toddler. Babies are icky.


Babies require maturity, sacrifice and love, none of which the faux-feminists understand or practice. Their existence is about one thing. Them. Bristol, on the other hand, lives for someone else. She has a son. And she has thrown herself into raising him as best she can with an absent and horrid father who seeks to ruin her at every opportunity by slander, libel and downright malice.


Contrary to The Frisky-fems, I don’t find it odd that Bristol has a boyfriend. I’m sure there are many men across this country who would love the chance to get to know her better. She’s beautiful, responsible, self-sufficient and a decent human being... Maybe the metrosexuals on speed-dial at The Frisky are scared of Sarah Palin, but the men I know would count it as a bonus that their future kick-a__ mother-in-law might actually take them hunting..."

- JP

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