Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 202

"America the Exceptional" Edition

Black Quill and Ink:
"Say what you will about Sarah, no one will ever question her love of country and her belief in American exceptionalism... America has been good to and for the world and while some, like Obama and the far left, may choose to dwell on our missteps, the vast majority of the world’s population and Americans see the many positives that America has brought to the world. Thus, for these benefits to continue; for America to continue to be a blessing to the world it is paramount for it to be restored not transformed. This will be Sarah’s mission; this will be her mandate as President."
Cato Uticensis at American Conservative Values:
"Sarah Palin wrote a stirring tribute to President Ronald Reagan, as we approach his 100th birthday on February 6th... Indeed President Reagan was America’s Lifeguard at a time when it seemed America was sinking and pundits accepted it as such."
Steve Gilbert at Sweetness & Light:
"Just when you thought they had reached the bottom, we have this from the aptly named ‘Swampland’ blog of the former news magazine known as Time: '...the American flag placed behind Palin to add a presidential air to the recording is on the wrong side... Big deal, you say? Actually, yeah. The U.S. Flag code was passed by Congress nearly 70 years ago to provide exact rules for the use and display of the Stars and Stripes. One of the many rules dictates the positioning of the flag relative to a speaker: When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium, the flag of the United States of America should hold the position of superior prominence, in advance of the audience, and in the position of honor at the clergyman’s or speaker’s right as he faces the audience.' Most sentient observers will have noticed that Mrs. Palin was speaking from a private residence and not a church or public auditorium. But we are talking about a ‘reporter’ for Time."
Ronbo at The Freedom Fighter's Journal:
"The reason why Sarah Palin is the leading GOP presidential candidate..."
Flopping Aces:
"We, the American non-Socialists, have had enough indigestion to last a lifetime, but we face another 21 months of heartburn with all the complications of severe indigestion. Now we are fully aware of our options, do we run another RINO, selected by the ever willing MSM, against Obama, so the MSM can hedge their bets or do we run the only conservative of prominence. Personally, I like the non-Elitist diction of Sarah Palin. It reminds me of my own and of all the friends I have had in this lifetime; her education is not that much different than my own and she is not so ashamed of her education that her records are forever sealed; her work ethic and love of the outdoors is something that I can relate to as well. "
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:
"Why they’d rather talk about Sarah Palin (Cont’d): Home prices fall in nearly all major cities, heightening fears of double dip."
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism:
"[Frances Fox] Piven claims to not have any idea why Glenn Beck 'plucked' her out of “thousands.” She distances herself as much as she can from ACORN, her participation in the New Party, and her involvement in the inner circle which ultimately launched the President’s political career. Glenn Beck merely repeated Piven’s words. Progressives, by way of their hysterical reactions, are only validating what the public already believes: that Piven’s remarks epitomize the 'vitriolic rhetoric' progressives say should stop but can’t help but to engage in themselves. It’s the double-standard on full display. Again, where was this attention when Sarah Palin’s church was burned down? When she was threatened publicly, multiple times on Twitter? On Facebook? There wasn’t any."
Kaiser at Realpolitik:
"You may not like Sarah Palin, but there's no way you can wish your way into blaming her for the [Tuscon] tragedy."
Frank J. Fleming at Pajamas Media:
"People have become pretty aware of harsh rhetoric lately after the shooting in Tucson. Yes, that had nothing to do with rhetoric, but it’s hard to go into long partisan diatribes about random crazy people, so “harsh rhetoric” is an easier meme to seize. Also, there are tens of millions of armed, angry conservatives out there; they didn’t kill anyone last year or the year before, but we just know — KNOW — that one of these days, Sarah Palin will put a secret message in something she says and cause them to break out in an orgy of violence. Keeping this in mind, I’m going to try to write this column very carefully to make sure that no one could possibly interpret it as a call to violence or hate. Columns can be very dangerous; do you know how many murders Paul Krugman’s columns are responsible for? One hundred and forty-seven. Yeah, I know; that’s fewer than I would have guessed, but the number is about eight times bigger if you include people who committed suicide while reading him."
John Ziegler via The Hollywood Reporter :
"Just take Sarah Palin, add guests, some hatred, and mix. No other topic can replace her right now because that would require actual reporting."
Howard Megdal at left leaning The Perpetual Post:
"The problem with those who believe that Huckabee is what will stop Palin 2012? Huckabee sure doesn’t look like he’s running. He signed a long-term extension with Fox News, bought a huge new house and... his right-hand man took another job. He isn’t building an organization anywhere. He looks like a man who will use the buzz to sell his forthcoming book - but not a man who wants to run in 2012. And without Huckabee, we’re back to the old question of who stops Palin. Romney? He’s still not trusted by a huge part of the GOP base. Tim Pawlenty? He can’t even sell copies of his book in his home state."
Frank Miele at the Daily Inter Lake:
"But what really bothered Palin haters is that she actually responded to their outrageous claims that she was somehow responsible for what the alleged pot-smoking, Bush-hating gunman did in Tucson. In other words, they were once again mad at her for daring to speak."
Ed Farnan at Irish Central:
"When Sarah Palin used the Mamma Grizzly metaphor to describe herself and her fellow female candidates in the political arena, I thought it was a beautiful and powerful graphic reality... The mainstream media descends and savages any right of center female candidate who dares enter the political arena. They are attacked for their looks, for their religious beliefs, for their educational backgrounds, for any imperfections in their family. The press will focus on their pasts with the enthusiasm of a pack of jackals, looking for ANY past indiscretion going back to their elementary school years and even earlier... Any right wing female candidate will have to be tougher than her male counterpart in order to survive the slings and arrows tossed at her. Sarah Palin has survived unprecedented attacks on her character over the past 2 1/2 years that no one running for public office should be subjected to."
Transsylvania Phoenix:
"Sarah Palin Kills Polar Bear Cubs... More proof liberal Democrats and their enviro-nazi allies are seriously off the rails."
Michael F. Cannon of the Cato Institute:
"After Sarah Palin's (in)famous 'death panels' bombshell, I wrote — take a deep breath, now — that what she said was actually quite plausible. President Obama had just proposed a government panel that, under standard principles of administrative law, would have the power to ration medical care just as Palin predicted. For support, I quoted a former Medicare administrator and other Medicare scholars. When PolitiFact dubbed 'death panels' their Lie of the Year for 2009, I presented their fact-checkers with this potentially exculpatory evidence. They showed no interest. From my vantage point, the evidence shows that ObamaCare is a government takeover of health care, and Sarah Palin's 'death panels' claim was essentially true. If that makes me Liar of the Year, so be it."
- JP

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