Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 201

"Hey Jealousy" Edition

Marooned in Marin:
"Enduring some of the most hateful attacks from liberals as Sarah Palin has is one thing, but attacks coming from so-called 'conservatives' like David Frum is another... Sarah Palin, as a potential 2012 candidate, has more executive experience in serving just one day as Governor of Alaska than Barack Hussein Obama had when he announced his candidacy for the Democrat nomination (Illinois State Senator, voting 'Present'; served less than a year in US Senate and decided to run for President). But Frum doesn't address that... The problem is, like most Palin haters, Frum cannot back up his criticism with facts. Like his rantings on talk radio hosts like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh, Frum's Palin 'critiques' are nothing but personal attacks from a jealous little man who is desperately looking for an audience."
Mike Henderson:
"I heard someone refer to Sarah Palin as stupid. Now I am not sure if that was a reference to her academic abilities, common sense, or politics. My guess is it was more political and party motivated. Without an objective standard that was an unnecessary statement."
D. Hopkins at The Elephant:
"Since when have we, as a nation, ever been opposed to having our important leaders have a faith? The answer is never until this 21st century. We have become too worried about not stepping on others toes, instead of just sticking to our own ideas and beliefs. At one time in America it was an unspoken rule that all the major leaders had to have some religious affiliation. Sarah Palin has a strong belief in God that guides her, and that is part of being an American. That's our heritage. People today slam her because she is vocal about her belief in God, which she should be. It would be horrible if we come into a time where those who want high positions have to hide their faith."
Victoria Liberty at The Freedom Bulletin:
"So after Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement have been dragged through the mud for the past week and a half for using 'divisive' military metaphors, a Democrat compares his opponents to a Nazi propagandist. Nice."
Darrell Barry:
"One sentence sums it all up; tells you WHY there is a hate campaign still being waged against Sarah Palin by the media: 'Sarah Palin is a Patriotic Conservative Republican Family Woman of Faith.' Yep, my friends, that’s it; that's exactly what she claims to be, and in all honesty IS. And that's why she's under attack. You may agree with every hateful word spoken against Sarah Palin, but for Heaven’s sake, make sure THAT is your own opinion! Make sure you have not been brainwashed. If you do not like Sarah Palin for any political reason or for any 'personal' reason, please just make sure that it’s your reason for not liking her; and not the hate propaganda we’ve all been force-fed by the media."
Carol at Parenting Freedom:
"I watch as the world tries to destroy Sarah Palin. Since I share many of Sarah Palin’s political views and family values, I know the world’s hatred is for me as well."
Matt Barber at The Daily Caller:
"Not only did Jared Lee Loughner turn out not to be a Sarah Palin-loving, Tea Party-attending, 'right-wing' talk radio hound; he ended up being a Bush-hating, 'lefty pot-head', 9/11 'truther' whose favorite books include the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf. So does this mean that liberals are 'accomplices to mass murder' due to their well-documented history of 'dangerous political rhetoric'? Well, yes, if you apply liberal-think. No, if you apply reality."
Greta Van Susteren at Greta Wire:
"Author Douglas Brinkley says Governor Sarah Palin is a conservationist."
Kevin Dujan at Hillbuzz:
"In the same day MSNBC fired Keith Olbermann, David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman reboot series has been greenlit for an NBC pilot order. This is very interesting, because the story of a dark-haired, impossible to beat, larger than life, powerful woman who takes no prisoners will certainly resonate in the next two years…as Governor Sarah Palin campaigns to become our first female president. It was never clear why NBC didn’t want to pick up the show while GE was still running things, but maybe they didn’t want to be in the business of returning Wonder Woman to pop culture prominence at a time when it could conceivably benefit Governor Palin to have a strong, patriotic brunette kicking all sorts of a** across the TV screens right as the Governor is set to do the exact same thing to the Left in the 2012 campaign."
Kay S. Hymowitz at City Journal:
"However excessive their frothing, feminists had good reason to be in panic mode. Palin... by leading a wave of new conservative women into the fray... has changed feminism forever."
Ron Futrell at Big Journalism:
"I thought the left were the 'progressive' bunch who loved to stretch their minds and strain thought. Expand those minds just a little bit there folks and see if you can get those brain cells around something other than 'government is our savior.' There are other templates than that... The activist old media, who are preaching to us about civility, blamed Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Rush Limbaugh and you and me for killing 6 people in Tucson earlier this month. Make no doubt, every time they bring up their unrelated idea that America needs to be more civil, they are concluding that if we did not want Obamacare repealed that this tragedy would not have happened."
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism:
"Frances Fox Piven has a history of flame-throwing... Progressives who speak of Piven’s threats remain silent on the threats (worse ones) directed at Sarah Palin, whom progressives targeted online in death threats on Twitter and pages devoted to her death on Facebook."
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
"Some classless, sexually obsessed, angry comedian tweeting vile things about Sarah Palin is probably pretty common these days. It’s also probably a safe way to get your anti-woman rage on without running into the Speech Police who derailed Andrew Dice Clay’s career. After all, as we saw last week on Stephen Colbert’s show, the big asterisk next to the New Tone is our favorite mother of five from Alaska. Back in September, the reason I found Louis CK’s breathtakingly vile Palin Tweets noteworthy was due to the speculation that Jay Leno’s Tonight Show was in on the joke... Palin’s been a mayor, a governor, and is currently a mother of five who selflessly brought a Downs Syndrome baby into the world (a child Mr. Selfless Contributor infamously mocked in the crudest ways imaginable). Furthermore, one of Palin’s sons served his country honorably in Iraq... Would someone please list all Louis CK’s selfless contributions?"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch headline:
"Does the media have a Sarah Palin problem?"
Skip MacLure:
"There have been many weighty opinions offered as to the success of the viral phenomenon known as the Tea Party or collectively the Patriot Movement... It’s confusing to the liberals because they can’t find anyone to attack except Sarah Palin, who seems to be the target of the day, every day. They must fear her terribly to hate her that much. Go, Sarah! ... What I’m telling you is that you make the difference. Whether on the phone, talking to a neighbor or a friend… you are the conservative movement. You are the heart and soul of America."
- JP

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