Friday, January 21, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 198

"Black Magic Woman" Edition

John Hayward at Human Events:
"Palin has been designated the Unfavorable Woman, by a Left that believes (and has some of the Right convinced) it can still select and target one enemy at a time for utter destruction... Reagan wasn’t supposed to have a chance at the Oval Office, any more than Palin does. Carter was ahead of him by double digits in early opinion polls. There was no way the reviled George Bush could retain his stolen White House against war hero John Kerry. The Left loves to stick opinion-poll thermometers into its designated Unfavorable Man or Woman, take the temperature of its contempt, and pronounce their goose cooked. Look at it this way: according to CNN’s analysis, 35% of the public is foolish or venal enough to think Sarah Palin used black magic to control Jared Loughner with a map graphic he never saw… but 38% still view her favorably. Those are even battle lines, not a lost cause."
Dana Loesch on when the media/left will be happy with Gov. Palin:
"No one is going to be happy with anything Sarah Palin says until she puts her head on a platter and offers it up."
Beyond the Cusp:
"Sarah Palin may not be another Ronald Reagan, but that does not mean that her style and her honest and forthright manner reminds many of President Reagan. Sarah Palin’s strength goes beyond her communication style to her brave, self-assured core which gives her the fortitude to withstand the near constant assaults made against her honor, integrity, and intelligence. It takes a rare person to step forward knowing that by doing so one is guaranteed to face a maelstrom of abuse and the vindictive barbs of a hostile media. After running for national office myself, I know of what I speak. I hope to never have to face such hostile vindictiveness again in my life and I hold the greatest respect for Mrs. Palin for stepping forward day in and day out week after week knowing full well what she faces. My hat is off to you, Mrs. Palin, and my gratitude."
Marc Schenker at
"PDS takes hold of a liberal’s mind... and makes everything he says regarding Palin come out as mush, nonsense, and generally the whole opposite of what an intellectually honest person would see things for."
Rush Limbaugh:
"The ABC News/Washington Post poll is out, and among other things in this poll, 78% of the American people approve of the way Obama handled Tucson in the aftermath. Thirty percent approve of the way Sarah Palin handled it. Now, I don't believe either number for a moment... She makes a video response after three or four days because she's dragged into it after being accused as an accessory. They'll always tell us, as I keep saying, who they are afraid of. Now, by the way, folks... this is the same poll from the same group, Gary Langer & Associates, that said that two-thirds of Americans approved of what went on during the lame-duck session of Congress. Now, we went to the PDF file of the questionnaire, and I can't find, as of yet... any breakdown of the respondents by party affiliation, and we know that this is how these polls are weighted, shifted, massaged, influenced."
Rhonda Robinson:
"With the advent of the Tea Party, the fierce opposition to their dream administration, the outpouring of distain for their 'health care overhaul' and a vocal Sarah Palin, who has survived every one of their character assassination attempts, [the left] has failed to make us shut up and let them have their way."
Lawrence Auster at View from the Right:
"I've seen Palin's eight minute video statement. I heartily endorse her accusation of blood libel... Everyone is making a big deal out of the fact that Alan Dershowitz has defended Palin's use of 'blood libel.' Frankly, I don't give a damn what Dershowitz says. He's a man of the left... and I don't want to rely on him as my authority on this or any issue... My main concern is that conservatives need to stop defending themselves from and politely complaining about insane leftist charges, and instead put the left on the defensive for its outrageous behavior. Palin's "blood libel" charge has the potential of doing just that, but if the left and others succeed in building a consensus that she shouldn't have said it, that potential win for our side will become another loss."
Peter Brimelow at Alternative Right:
"Sarah Palin is making the right enemies."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Now I read several conservative bloggers are actually depending upon a poll via CNN to determine that Palin has no chance to run for the presidency. Let’s remember the hatchet job the media and the left have done to Sarah Palin these past two weeks pinning most of the blame on her for the shooting in Tucson. Also, how about we stop taking seriously a network that has to apologize for a guest using the term 'crosshairs?' Frankly, let Palin run and prove whether she has the muster and popularity to win the nomination. If she is that much of a loser as they claim she is, then why all the fuss? Tim Pawlenty polls lower than Palin, yet I don’t see bloggers claiming he should drop out of the race."
Greta Van Susteren via Fox Nation:
"They took Governor Sarah Palin to the woodshed for using the term 'blood libel'. Well, are those same people going to do the same to Congressman Cohen? Because on the House floor, Congressman Steve Cohen [D-TN] just shredded Republicans, using terms like 'Nazis' and 'blood libel'."
Mark Rhoads at Illinois Review:
"Like both Reagan and Goldwater, Palin has some clear ideas about why she thinks America is exceptional when it follows a goal of maximum economic and political freedom and the rule of law under Constitutional government... Palin follows simple and clear themes of personal liberty rather than the sophistry of those who constantly change their positions. It is that clarity that adds to her stature and that clarity which keeps making it hard to rule her out as a serious presidential contender... The reason I am a Palin fan now is that I love how much she annoys the people that I think most need to be annoyed by her -- the fake neo-socialists of the Age of Obama."
Justin Washington:
"How dare Sarah Palin defend herself against unsubstantiated attacks!"
Jedediah Bila at Human Events:
"Palin’s work ethic, record of achievement, and commitment to principle inspire many ambitious Americans. Because they get that she’s not a superhero, but a hard worker. And if she can do it, so can they. But to the insecure, to those who feel the need to tear you down in order to lift themselves up, Palin is an absolute nightmare. Because she’s “not going to sit down…not going to shut up.” Because in the face of vicious attacks and death threats, she continues to prove that she’s bigger and better than those who play dirty. She continues to prove that her family and her faith are her anchors. And she continues to prove that her commitment to principle is impervious to their constant digs."
Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail:
"This is not to say that Sarah Palin does not deserve criticism. But what makes 'Palinoia' an obsession instead of an intellectual pursuit is that it is based on the panic and desperation of August 29, 2008, when John McCain put her on the ticket. The pseudo-intellectual arguments to rationalize that hate came later."
David Zincavage at Never Yet Melted:
"At Talking Points Memo, progressive Josh Marshall engages in some serious navel-gazing on the question of whether all the negative attacks on Sarah Palin by leftist blogs are giving her attention and inadvertently increasing her influence and inflating her importance... It is a lot of fun to see the progressive rats furiously spinning the wheels in their cages over Sarah Palin. Palin’s ability to cause progressives generally to behave like roaches that have had 100% pure methedrine dropped on their carapaces is really, in my view, her most delightful talent."
- JP

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