Monday, January 24, 2011

Avalanche-Journal: Gov. Palin will speak in Lubbock this evening

Tickets were sold out 38 hours after the event was announced
Lubbock's Avalanche-Journal reports that an audience of about 1,400 people is expected at the Memorial Civic Center tonight in the Northwest Texas city as Sarah Palin will speak at an 8PM fundraiser for Lubbock Christian School. Her address will follow a reception at 7PM, according to event producer Andy Hartman:
Tickets to see Palin are sold out — they have been since 38 hours after the event was announced in September, said Stephen Warren, development director for Lubbock Christian School.

Tickets were sold in groups of 10 on several levels, ranging from $2,000 for 10 tickets on the lowest level to $25,000 for 10 tickets at the highest level. Higher-level ticket holders will sit closer to the stage for Palin’s speech and can pose for a picture with Palin at the reception before the speech.

Hartman said Lubbock Christian School officials chose Palin for the event because of her name recognition and Christian values.

“Just having a national, prominent speaker come here — to hear what they have to say about the climate of America,” he said.

Hartman said Palin has not announced the topic of her speech, and Lubbock Christian School officials did not have speech requests for the former governor.

Hartman advises that security will be tight at the event, and he reminds those planning to attend to make sure they have their photo IDs with them and arrive at least 15 minutes early.

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