Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 199

Special "Smells Like Media Leftist" Edition

The Czar of Muscovy at The Gormogons:
"Airhead editorialist Dana Milbank wants to take a pledge: that as much as he cannot stand Sarah Palin, and is obsessed with talking about her, and thinking about her, and wondering what she is doing, or saying, or thinking at every moment, and picturing her around her house, et cetera, Mr. Milbank intends to stop talking about her for the entire month of February! And Mr. Milbank wants us to do the same. Naturally enough, because every single [expletive] attempt by the liberals to destroy Ms. Palin somehow makes her stronger. Maybe if we all close our eyes and stop believing in her, Sarah Palin will just vanish. Just like the 14-year-old girls who suddenly ignore the popular girl and cut off all contact. Because the media, you know, act like a high school freshman."
MacRanger at Macsmind:
"Great! Washington Post Swears off Slandering Sarah Palin for a Month"
Ginger at
"In response to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank’s suggestion of a moratorium on media Palin stories for the month of February, we came up with a little idea of our own... We here at iOTW will have at least one Sarah Palin item a day throughout the entire month of February... Please join iOTW as we celebrate 'All Palin February'! Is this going to be great? You Betcha! Oh, and I almost forgot... Mr. Milbank, thanks for the great idea!"
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"So now after accusing her of mass murder last week, the state-run media is so disgusted that Sarah Palin won’t go away that they're going to just boycott her from their articles. And they really wonder why no one trusts them anymore?"
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
""Rarely do we get such a clear example of the bias of the mainstream media and the extent to which it fears and hates Sarah Palin. But since she is 'not electable' because of this media bias, we should throw Palin overboard and demand she not run and not be taken seriously by Republican voters, right? Because Dana Milbank and the Editors of The Washington Post get to pick our candidates, right? ... Right?"
Stacy McCain at The Real McCain:
"Being a professional Sarah Palin-hater worked out so well for Keith Olbermann, now Dana Milbank and the Washington Post join the parade — which looks a lot like lemmings going off a cliff."
Maggie at Babalú Blog:
"Let me get this straight... The MSM and leftist blogs make it their mission to not only cover and then ridicule every bit of news (and non-news) about this woman, even to the point of a full-fledged week of fabricating a pathological conspiracy of her trying to assassinate a democrat Congresswoman via a 'programmed' insane-dolt-bot, and now they want readers to simply ignore her... Good luck with that, MSM. Perhaps this will now free up some of your time/space for news on climbing food shortages and prices, gas/oil prices, the actual seriousness of the unemployment rate, and political trouble spots around the world. Meanwhile Mrs. Palin will continue to mingle with people and voice her opinions and views on the issues."
T. D. Williams at Terrance this is stupid stuff:
"If media heavyweights could have forced Sarah Palin off the stage, they would have done it long ago without a 'just for fun' upfront campaign. But Governor Palin has created direct access links to the public on a level not only far greater than columnists like Milbank, but equal to The New York Times or CBS."
Chuck at Brutally Honest:
"The MSM is absolutely terrified of Sarah Palin. I think they have nightmares of her at night... she consumes their thoughts and fears... and some of them are figuring out that they will soon be diagnosed with their own new psychotic disease... Palinphobia... OK, lets all watch and see if they can go an entire month without speaking of Sarah Palin one single time. The MSM needs to learn the lesson that Job learned when his world came crashing in around him in Job 3:25: 'The thing I feared has overtaken me, and what I dreaded has happened to me.' I'm afraid that Sarah Palin is going to... happen... to the MSM out of their fear of her."
Bob Belvedere at The Camp Of The Saints:
"Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha [thump...rolling noises] ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…"
Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard:
"For far too long, I’ve quoted and linked to articles from the hopelessly left-biased Washington Post... The campaign to blacklist Palin reeks of the McCarthyism the press is so fond of railing against. It also exposes the rotten core of the old media and their contempt for their readers. It is not the job of journalists to filter the news. So, I’ve decided that starting February 1st, I will not link to or quote the Washington Post in any way. Heck, I will not even read them at all..."
myiq2xu at The Crawdad Hole:
"I give it 3 days..."
Clyde Middleton at Liberty Pundits:
"WaPo is loosely encouraging a blackout? ... I’d even encourage not reporting on any actor or actress for any reason. But a political figure? And one that weighed in quite successfully in the 2010 midterms and will play a significant role in the 2012 general? How about suspending coverage of Bill Clinton? He’s about as useful as a three-legged draft horse. And what do we care about John Kerry? He’s a has-been proven liar that insists upon reporting for duty, but will do a Chris-Dodd exit soon enough. Can we add Donald Trump to the list? And Alan Grayson? For a major newspaper to even suggest a news blackout on any currently active political figure is just insulting. There is no justification for even being cute about it. It’s just wrong."
ZIP at Weasel Zippers:
"It’s almost like they’re afraid of her…"
James Joyner at Outside the Beltway:
"The meme that won’t go away is Sarah Palin. For a variety of reasons, her announcement as John McCain’s running mate ignited a conversation that hasn’t stopped now in two-and-a-half years. Partly, it’s because she was, in the words of Bob Dylan, a complete unknown who emerged as a national celebrity in an instant. Partly, it’s because she’s an almost perfect litmus test for so many issues that divide the country. Partly, it’s because many people think she has a decent chance of becoming President of the United States. Mostly, it’s because she is perhaps the most amazing publicity machine in the history of the planet. Ironically, annoyance with Palin as a meme has now become a meme. WaPo’s Dana Milbank is trying to get everyone to take the Palin pledge, promising not to talk about Palin for a month. Not only will this guarantee that we talk about not talking about Palin — thus, of course, talking about Palin! — but it will almost certainly not result in us talking less about Palin in February."
- JP

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