Monday, January 31, 2011

Will Sarah Palin speak at CPAC?

What is "the right thing" to do about CPAC this time?
As February approaches, the annual speculation about whether Gov. Palin will speak at CPAC has started up again. At Politico, which depends heavily on speculation, Ben Smith notes that even though the governor is not scheduled to speak at any of this year's CPAC events, he interprets SarahPAC's co-sponsorship of a CPAC 2011 reception to mean that Gov. Palin and David Keene have "patched things up."

Although a couple of choice speaking slots still have "TBA" status on the CPAC agenda, Jerry Wilson is convinced that Sarah Palin will not attend:
" must stick firmly in the throat of Washington insiders and wannabes that Sarah Palin can bypass them without missing a beat. She can pick her spots, selecting such prizes as being the keynote speaker at a high profile sanctioned event marking Ronald Reagan’s one hundredth birthday. She speaks to more people in a second with one Facebook page than all the speakers at CPAC combined will reach in a year. Simply put, Palin doesn’t need CPAC. And she doesn’t seem all that inclined to make an appearance there because it’s been elevated to mandatory status by those seeking to enhance their own status."
We honestly don't know whether she will show up at CPAC or not, nor does anyone else but Gov. Palin and perhaps a few of her closest aides.

- JP

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  1. It seems to me SarahPac's presence is enough.

    For what reason would Palin put herself into the also ransom when she is clearly on another level. Palin has no need to be be a groupie, and to be present to be subjected to a " straw poll" that means absolutley nothing.

    Let the boys of the club go and tell each other how wonderful they are. Meanwhile Governor Palin will be taking on the Obama as if she is already the nominee. It is called, acting as if.