Friday, January 28, 2011

Noel Sheppard: Matthews is bashing Palin and Bachmann - again

Divining meaning isn't Matthews' strong suit
NewsBuster Noel Sheppard comments on Chris Matthews' Thursday attack on Gov. Palin for her "WTF" quip about Obama's plagiarized State of the Union slogan "Winning the Future" and his equally obsessive bashing of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for three consecutive nights:
Matthews, much as he has been doing with Bachmann and Palin for quite some time, took two sentences from the former Alaska governor's lengthy interview with Greta and turned them into a federal case that he and the rest of the so-called journalists in America today will likely lambaste for weeks until the next time Palin utters something they can take out of context, misconstrue and ridicule.

Let's be clear: Palin didn't say the Russians won the Space Race. She said, and I quote, "their victory in that race to space."

As Matthews certainly knows, that's what Sputnik represented at the time and still does now: the Soviet Union beat us into space with the launch of that satellite, and it was a seminal moment for the United States because it started a larger Space Race between the two countries to see who could get a man out there and back while eventually going to the moon.

As such, the Soviets DID win the first round, and any third grader knows that's what Palin meant.

But divining meaning isn't a strong suit for Matthews or most of his liberal guests, especially when the object of their disaffection is a conservative being cherry-picked.

- JP

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