Thursday, January 27, 2011

James Lewis: Sex and Sarah Palin

If we allow her to be scapegoated like Clarence Thomas, we've lost the culture

James Lewis at American Thinker views the daily attacks on Sarah Palin as battles in a much larger war -- a war for America's culture:
The biggest drama in politics today is Sarah Palin and how she is constantly assaulted by the left. Every week, we can watch how her rise in the national headlines causes the cultural elites to act like Snidely Whiplash -- evil curling mustache, big nasty smile, the works. Just watch 'em showing off their bloodthirsty rage. As soon as they see Sarah on TV, they spout like a Yellowstone geyser. It's a wonder to behold, if you can stand the sight.

What's her secret? That's what all the feminists must be wondering. Sarah Palin looks like the star of their teenage dreams, before they ever heard about Karl Marx or Germaine Greer. Sarah looks like a normal woman who is loved by a normal man. But her smile looks so genuine and wholesome that she's practically Doris Day running for president. Palin didn't make her career on the back of an Arkansas lowlife, like Hillary. She didn't marry into political power. Her last name isn't even hyphenated. Alaska politics is as nasty as D.C., and she still made it to the governorship. Sarah 'Cuda indeed.

Palin is all the things feminists ever wanted to be. She's Mom in "Father Knows Best," surrounded by smiling, mischievous kids. She reminds them of the things they have been told to erase from their own lives by the Commissars of PC, and therefore all the things they keep screwing up in their own lives.

The left is busting its gut, and not so much because of Palin's political résumé (which is far better than Obama's). This is all about the culture war -- the assault on American values for the last forty years. It's about Hollyweirdness and the malign perversity of the freaks who run the media. It's about Whoopi Goldberg explaining the sexual abuse of a child as "not really rape-rape." It's about power hungry, envious, mean, self-centered, narcissistic people, who instinctively resent and hate wholesome normality. Sarah is mythic.

- JP

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