Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Avalanche-Journal: Palin Gets Warm NW Texas Reception (Updated)

Crowd of 1400 turns out for fundraiser
Although security was tight for her speech and a reception, Governor Palin was warmly received by a crowd of 1400 at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Monday night, the Avalanche Journal reports:
Palin said Texas and Alaska are alike because they are “good beacons of freedom” and share similar values and work ethic, said Kristen Vander-Plas, president of the Lubbock Christian University College Republicans.


Many in the audience were LCS alumni, Vander-Plas said, and the audience as a whole was receptive to Palin’s message as was evident in their frequent applause and cheers.

Some, like Bob Wood, were drawn to the event through sheer curiosity.

He said he came to hear Palin although he does not always agree with what she says.

Others were avid Palin fans wanting to see the woman who made a huge splash in American politics in 2008.

“I believe in Sarah Palin and what she represents for America,” said Linda Hunt of San Angelo, who won free tickets for the event. “Her enthusiasm, her love for America, her honesty and her core values of representing the people and not just special interests.”

Tickets for the Lubbock Christian School fundraiser were sold out just 38 hours after the event was announced in September.


The AP basically just rewrote the Avalanche-Journal story and whined that "Members of the media were not invited." Translation: AP was too arrogant, too cheap and too leftist to buy a ticket like those rubes who actually attended the event.

Post-event comments from an attendee in the comments at Standing 4 Sarah.

- JP

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  1. Here are a couple of the comments following the story in the A-J:

    By Waterdawg | 01/25/11 - 08:43 am

    "My hat is off to LCS and Steve Warren for a fantastic fundraiser. Bringing in the most sought after speaker on the national tour was brilliant. The school is now on a financial footing that will benefit it for many years to come."

    For the A.J. Writer who wrote this!
    By cabowabo | 01/25/11 - 08:51 am

    "A warm reception? how about several standing ovations.
    once again, our A.J. blew it!!!!!!!!!!!"