Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... Over

Inspired by Sarahcuda, American Glob reinvents the Obama logo


For those who don't like Gov. Palin's use of the "WTF" acronym, we have only this to say:

They’ve accused her of conspiracy to commit murderer, tried to burn down her church, made crude sexual jokes about her then-14-year old daughter in front of a national television audience of millions and promoted the nasty falsehood that her youngest child is a product of incest between her husband and her daughter.

After all that, we figure Sarah Palin has a right to use any acronym which will get her message through the Democrat/Media Complex's toxic fog.

Get over yourselves and understand that total war was declared not only on her, but on us as well. She fights, and we are proud to fight on her side, which is also our side. As William Tecumseh Sherman famously said in a speech, "War is hell." But if you don't stand up and fight, you most assuredly will lose everything which you hold dear.

- JP


  1. Make no mistake, Sarah has declared "All Out War." 270 Electoral College Votes is the Battlefield, the Victor's flag; to be planted in the White House.

  2. Josh, I'd love to share this post. Are you considering a share function for your blog?

    If you do, please consider one that includes twitter, facebook, and wordpress, my 3 favored share places. :)

    HINT: I think AddThis has 'em all.

  3. Absolutely RIGHT! Her Facebook response was so on-target it makes me ill that so many in this nation have apparently gouged out-their own eyes and ice-picked their eardrums and performed self-lobotomies ... just for the sake of maintaining some sick and irrational hatred for a decent, dignified, accomplished, and eminently sensible American woman & leader.

    The world stands on its head. Truly.