Saturday, January 29, 2011

Newsbusters: Palin Nitpicker Matthews Puts Panama Canal In Egypt

Tweety's Instant Karma Moment
Chris Matthews spent much of his MSPDS talking head time over the past week repeatedly attacking Gov. Palin and Rep. Bachmann with what NewsBusters Associate EditorNoel Sheppard reports were "cherry-picked and distorted quotes far afield of their intended meaning." But on Friday's edition of his “hardball” program, the heckling host stepped in the donkey dung, saying that the Panama Canal is in Egypt:
Someone must have spoken in Matthews’ earplug, for he corrected himself moments later


In fairness, I know full well that Matthews is aware of what countries these respective canals reside in.

This was a mistake. People make them.

The problem is that folks like Matthews, who so desperately hate Palin and Bachmann, are hanging on their every utterance looking to pounce on anything that can be twisted and misconstrued to embarrass and defame these conservative women.

As we demonstrated last week, this is even when the comments aren’t nearly as out of line as people like Matthews claim.

Contrary to the prevailing liberal meme, Bachmann did not state last Saturday that the Founding Fathers ended slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War.

Unlike what Matthews reported Thursday, Palin did not say the Russians beat us in the Space Race. Even the perilously liberal Tommy Christopher admitted as much Saturday.

When Sarah Palin had a slip of the tongue and said "North Korea" when she meant to say "South Korea," the left refused to give her a break, even though -- as was the case with Matthews' gaffe -- she corrected herself almost immediately. One of the memes that the Democrat/Media Complex pushes hard is that she doesn't know geography and is unfit for high office. But when Obama said that there were 57 states, and Matthews manages to magically transport the Panama Canal to the land of the pharaohs, it's not a problem. Joe Biden is so prone to gaffes that he's been issued a permanent pass by his fellow liberals, no matter what he says, including his latest outlandish uttering that Egypt's Mubarek "is not a dictator."

It's the hypocrisy, stupid.

- JP

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