Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shari Goodman: Defending Sarah Palin

Hate stems from fear, and the left fears what Sarah represents
In an op-ed posted at Family Security Matters, Shari Goodman comments on those who blindly follow the anti-Palin script written for them by the Democrat/Media Complex and uncritically accept and repeat the DMC narrative. These people, Goodman says, allow themselves to become "the very foot soldiers the Left needs" in their mission to destroy Gov. Palin:
Yes, George Bush was hated and ridiculed, but the venom directed against Sarah knows no bounds. The attacks on her are rarely against her policies or deeds; they are almost always against her personally. She has been vilified as vile, vicious, naive, ignorant, inexperienced and a slew of other negative adjectives that are undeserved by a public servant who has served her state and country honorably.

Presently she is being blamed for the Tucson massacre - a big lie concocted by the Left and their stooges in the mainstream media. Only one schizophrenic individual bears responsibility for that shooting; there is not a shred of evidence linking that lone gunman to Sarah, but that has not stopped the Left from "seizing a crisis and not letting it go to waste," to paraphrase Rahm Emanuel. These latest attacks are unprecedented, shameful, and symbolic of how low we have sunk. Not only is it symbolic of the schism that exists between the Left and Right, but more importantly it signifies a hardening of the soul for a segment of our population, a cancer that threatens to grow and destroy our collective national soul.

So what then is it about Sarah that brings forth such unwarranted hatred?

Foremost, I believe the hate stems from fear. The Left fears what Sarah represents: a practicing Christian with an old-fashioned morality. For the last few decades, the Left has worked tirelessly to erase the distinction between right versus wrong, and place the emphasis instead on nonjudgmental feelings. In a culture dominated by feelings and subjective morality, that notion of good and evil then becomes irrelevant in our desperation to feel good about ourselves at all costs. And Sarah stands as a challenge to that.

Also, Sarah represents the hinterlands and Middle America. In the newsrooms and political circles of the urban elites located primarily on both coasts, she is viewed with an upper class disdain as one of those little people "clinging to their guns and religion," as Barack Obama himself put it (and lest you think I'm a gun-toting, evangelical cowgirl from the hills of Appalachia: I'm a Jewish, Conservative, Cleveland-bred immigrant). They mistakenly equate her rural upbringing and lack of an Ivy League education with ignorance.

In an age when feminism is thought to be the domain solely of the liberal establishment, the notion that an independent, self-sufficient female can arise from the Conservative movement is anathema to the Left. It threatens what they perceive as their monopoly on feminism. In truth, Conservative women have never been dependent on any special allotments from the government to know their true worth.

Last, they fear Sarah for her American spirit. While the Left values multiculturalism, Sarah praises our American exceptionalism. She threatens to reverse our march towards globalism and a One World Government, and so they despise her nationalistic spirit and patriotism. The Left has worked hard to drain the Americanism from America, and if anyone can reinfuse it, it is Sarah Palin. She represents the spirit of the cowgirl of yesterday: a proud, no-nonsense, self-sufficient, courageous, morally conscious, God-worshipping American. And for that they hate her.

- JP

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