Saturday, January 29, 2011

David Coughlin: Enter Sarah Palin's World

She continues to prove that she’s better than those who play dirty
In American Conservative Daily's "News and Views" for January 29, 2011, David Coughlin devotes a portion of his opinion piece to commentary on Gov. Palin:
The more time that the Mainstream Media devotes to attacking her is more proof that Sarah Palin is the Democrat’s worst nightmare and deserving of more conservative attention. Among the most astonishing phenomena of the current political scene in the U.S. is the relentless percussion of hatred, animadversion, revilement and outright dissimulation hurled against Sarah Palin, the mirror image of the orgy of adulation which Barack Obama enjoyed prior to his election and in the auroral days of his administration. The media have clearly gone beyond the limits of reason or propriety. Let’s enter the world of Sarah Palin for a moment:
  • If she grants interviews to Oprah or Barbara Walters, she’s accused of wanting to be a celebrity; If she denies those interviews, she’s labeled a coward.
  • If she’s quiet when viciously attacked, she’s accused of hiding; If she speaks up, she’s described as injecting herself into the story.
  • If she addresses health care reform, bailouts, and QE2 via columns, Facebook, and Twitter, she’s accused of not engaging in unscripted conversations; In 2008, she was criticized by many for calling it like she saw it and going off script at campaign events.
  • When she resigned as Governor, she was labeled a quitter; I assure you that if she hadn’t resigned, she would have been painted by many as a self-centered hypocrite who didn’t care about Alaska.
  • Many on the Left and Right are ready and willing to pounce on Sarah Palin’s every move. The question is why, and the answer is simple: She’s just a regular person like you and me:
  • She’s a regular person who has managed to pack convention halls and book signings, to release two bestselling books, to launch a successful and unconventional television series, to boost the ratings of every television show she has appeared on – and she has done it all just by being herself.
  • To top it all off, she’s -- heaven forbid -- happy.
  • While running a city and a state, she managed to keep her values intact.
  • She sustained a successful marriage and prioritized her children.
  • She kept smiling and loving life.
  • She even made time for those 5 a.m. runs.
What the Democrats and their supporters earnestly fear is not only that Palin may be around for the indefinite future, but that she is indeed potentially electable in 2012 and must be stopped at all costs. This is perhaps the principal motive for so libelous a spectacle as the left’s all-out debauch of vilification. To the business-as-usual politician and/or media hack, she’s simply maddening:
  • They say she’s not smart enough. (Translation: She doesn’t speak our pretentious language.)
  • They claim she’s too controversial. (Translation: She stands by principle, even when it’s unpopular.)
  • They declare she’s not presidential. (Translation: She doesn’t play by our rules, and that scares the crap out of us.)
  • They insist that her TV series proves she’s not a serious politician. (Translation: If she pulls a Reagan, we’re screwed.
Palin also has something else, something not possessed by previous targets. She has a following...

- JP


  1. This was well-delineated. Thanks for featuring this, Josh.

    The most disturbing thing, to my mind, is that we even have to defend Sarah's right to participate at all, as if she were some sort of sub-human to these liberals and to the Vichy set.

    Astonishing. More and more I think of the variants of what Christ underscored: If you are 'of the world' they will love you ... if not, they will hate you.

    We who employ reason see what is going on. Sarah is, to my mind, a "crossroads figure". Her mistreatment says far more about our ruinous, dying culture than it does about the woman herself.

    Sarah is a no-nonsense everyday American woman of character, faith, and instinctive leadership skills. Eerily, I do perceive that her basic happiness is one of that things that is feeding the Left's despicable assessment/characterization of her.

    That is scary, frankly, because we're not talking politics, anymore, but something much more primeval... a sort of rank-and-file, insidious positioning of Good vs. Evil.

    The vilification of this fine, remarkable woman is a defining "moment". I just wish that our nation had not fallen so low, that a moment like this had not come to our fine Land of Promise.

    But it has. If it were not Sarah, it would have been one of several million other upstanding Americans.

    But it is about Sarah. The Left has made it so, and she's rising to the challenge (and make no mistake, this *is* a challenge) and we must rise to the challenge alongside her.

    Again, Christ's comments keep coming back: families and friends are divided and fall into the abyss simply due to being forced to truly confront good and evil, reason and chaos, decency and devilry.

    Sarah is holding a rather large mirror up to our spiraling society. Or she ~is~ the mirror. One of them, anyhow.

    People are not pleased with their reflections, it seems.

    Troubling times indeed, but let us remember that that Goodness still can win the day.

    Keep up the great work, JP. This remains my favorite Sarah Spot, by far. Your choice of material is always of high calibre.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments, Ian. This old blog is, IMO, not as good as it was when you were one of our regular contributors.

    What I find mind boggling is not just that we have to defend Sarah's right to participate, but so rabidly insane are the Palinophobes that we have to defend her very right to exist. She, and Glenn Beck as well, threaten their entire house-of-cards leftist Fantasyland, and for that they want both of them dead.

    May God have mercy on their miserable souls.

    - JP