Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 184

"Tough Enough" Edition

Doug Gibson of the Standard-Examiner:
"Look, I’m not claiming Palin is perfect, or she will win if she runs in 2012. I think it’s ridiculous to dismiss a potential candidate who worked hard to oppose the big-government assault Democrats launched in 2009 and campaigned hard to help the GOP gain the U.S. House. She is the spirit of the Tea Party movement, even while Mr. Frum grumbles that Republicans are doomed if they listen to her. Can Sarah Palin win in 2012 if she runs? She’s tough enough to compete and she’ll need to be because she’ll have most of the political class — with many righty snipers – and 99 percent of the cultural class opposed to her. On the other hand, I recall the 2008 debates, and — although it’s moved through the memory hole — Palin was the most impressive of the four candidates."
Douglas MacKinnon at The Washington Times:
"Maybe next time, Juan Williams and all the other propagandists for President Obama will offer up some proof to back up their claims of Mr. Obama's intellectual prowess. In the meantime, I'll take Sarah Palin's real-world experience and traditional values anytime."
Kempite at Politics 24/7:
"Throughout 2010, Sarah Palin was in the forefront of politics. Her every word, be it in a brief twitter or a major speech, attracted attention and drew both high praise from the right and sharp criticism from the left. She became the darling of the TEA Party movement and helped lead that movement and many of its candidates to success. No matter what, there is no denying Palin’s impact on politics and when it comes to change, the type of change that most voters wanted, Palin led the way. In regards to her future, it is wide open. She can make of it, whatever she chooses, but only if she is smart about it... Being in such a position, in order for her to mount a successful campaign for President, she, more than any other possible candidate, will have to control the story... I do not for one minute doubt that she can do it... Sarah’s impact on 2010 makes her the 2011 Republican of the Year, and what she does in 2011 will continue to influence Republican politics into 2012 and possibly beyond."
Left Coast Ledger:
"By [George] Will’s logic Sarah Palin fits the bill perfectly for 2012; she is about as opposite to Barack Obama as you can get..."
Matt Latimer at The Daily Beast:
"Sarah Palin is now the party’s top spokesperson, whether Washington likes it or not. (They don’t.) Party leaders have tried ignoring her, belittling her, laughing at her, whispering about her, rolling their eyes, and stomping their feet. It has only made her stronger to her supporters, who think the GOP leadership is a bunch of crusty, out of touch, K Street elitists... Here’s a thought for the RNC chairman: Why not take Palin seriously? Treat her as a frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Ask her to serve as spokesman on high-profile issues. Fire anyone found to denigrate her. Let the Alaska governor sink or swim: You don’t have much of a choice anyway."
Eye On Freedom:
"3 million plus tuned in to watch Sarah Palin’s weekly show on The Learning Channel as compared to 1.2 million who watched Oprah’s network debut."
Hanna Rosin at The Atlantic:
"Nikki Haley... is a self-styled reformer who explicitly took on, and defeated, the good ol’ boys who run the Statehouse. Those last two factors — woman, reformer — seemed somehow linked during an election season that saw a series of female insurgents make national headlines: Haley, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Susana Martinez in New Mexico, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, Sharron Angle in Nevada. And while the last two may have lost their races, it was not before unsettling the Republican establishment in their states. A similar dynamic took place below the radar as well, where nine new conservative women won House seats, from Missouri to Florida. And they all prospered in the wake of Rebel in Chief Sarah Palin, who traveled the country to boost her sorority of 'mama grizzlies' to power."
Doug Ross at Director Blue:
"Someone high five Sarah Palin for me -- Obama administration admits 'mix-up', will remove death panels from new Medicare Regulations..."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Sarah Palin’s effective usage of pinpointing in few words what Obamacare is all about has ringed across the mainstream media and [with] conservatives across the country. I remember when there were a few conservatives out there who lambasted Palin for using such aggressive language. Sometimes you have to stop with the niceties and fight against socialist programs that will actually harm the American public in more than just their pocketbooks... Palin and conservatives were right."
Ethel C. Fenig at American Thinker Blog:
"Once again, thank you Sarah Palin."
Rush Limbaugh:
"Sarah Palin came up with the term death panel, I think it was on her Facebook page, and you know what people say about Sarah Palin, 'She's an idiot. Sarah Palin? Don't make me choke. Sarah Palin? She has the intellect of a pencil eraser. Sarah Palin, never gonna be president. Sarah Palin, are you kidding me? She's clueless.' Sarah Palin came up with the term 'death panel.' Sarah Palin accused Obamacare of having death panels. They denied it. 'No, there aren't any death panels.' But yet the White House has now said, (paraphrasing) 'Okay, we're gonna get rid of the death panel rule.' How can you get rid of something that wasn't there? Proving once again how stupid Sarah Palin is."
GulfCoastBamaFan at I Bleed Crimson Red:
"Keeping score: Sarah Palin 2, Obamacare 0, as Death Panels removed again..."
Ben Garrett at View From the Cumberlands:
"When it comes to the press, Palin can’t win for losing. If she had retweeted an anti-gay Twitter user, stories would have been published criticizing her as a homophobe. But when she retweets a gay Twitter user, news stories pop up implying that she was dumb enough to retweet a gay tweet by mistake... A couple of notes about the CNN story: a quick Google search reveals that the only place Palin’s tweet is being mentioned is in news stories. There are no conservatives asking questions about Palin’s stance on gay rights. The only questions being asked are by the press, in their typical mountains-of-molehills M.O. Also, anyone who is familiar with Twitter realizes that a retweet isn’t necessarily an endorsement of what’s being said."
Aleister at American Glob:
"Obama has done nothing about gay marriage since taking office and waited until the last minute of a lame duck session to address DADT repeal, but that’s not news. Sarah Palin re-Tweets Tammy Bruce, and it’s a major story."
Dean at Beers with Demo:
"Sarah sez... One in a series that takes a look at some of the zany and madcap things said by Sarah Palin. 'Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us - it is our mantra - pay as you go.' Of course, that wasn't Sarah Palin but rather that glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Good Lord, how can one deny media bias when this person doesn't get a fraction of the heat as does Palin for coming up with one inane, asinine and delusional statement after another?"
- JP

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