Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 181

"Hope still lingers on" Edition

Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth:
"Whereas Dana Perino may choose to babble about Governor Palin's authenticity, the truth speaks louder. No one would put herself on the line as she did without firmly believing in each stand she took... Whether certain individuals like the Governor's decisions or not, her fearlessness in making them and standing by them is unquestionable. She stands head and shoulders above the rest because she stands on principle. This is the kind of leader Americans are seeking."
Ken Hughes at The Land of the Free:
"Sarah Palin can win the presidency in 2012 because she’s the real deal, 100% Momma America... The Washington establishment, Democrat and Republican, can’t afford a Sarah Palin looking for dirt under their rugs... Congress hates a reformer like the Devil hates Sunday."
Lori Calabrese at
"I'm sick of all the comparisons between Obama and Palin. Palin's a former mayor, a former governor and has become a political powerhouse from the 2010 elections. Anyone who believes she can't stand toe to toe with Obama has made up their mind on Palin from all the misinformation that's out there, and their minds aren't going to be changed. Frankly, I believe Americans can garner more information from one of Palin's Facebook notes than any speech Obama has given as President."
John at Verum Serum:
"What If…Sarah Palin Had Said the Constitution Was 'Over 100 Years Old...' Do you think folks like Ezra’s pal at the Post, Greg Sargent, might be all over this."
Mark Whittington at Associated Content:
"Some have suggested that there is a historic parallel to a Palin candidacy. In late 1978, Ronald Reagan, himself a former governor and media star, was considered a has-been politician who had tried for the presidency in 1976 and had fallen short. Reagan was ridiculed, like Palin, for his alleged lack of intelligence and his alleged extremism. Yet, in 1980, Ronald Reagan beat President Jimmy Carter and became the 40th President of the United States."
Doug Hagin at The Daley Gator:
"Yet another reason to like Sarah Palin... when whiny, snot-nosed primadonas start criticizing you, you KNOW you are doing something right!"
Olivia Rodan Jacobs at Israpundit:
"I wondered if Palin’s personal faith would narrow her view of America. I need not have worried. Her references to the founding fathers’ faith was not narrowly parochial but simply pointed to their insistence on the Creator as the source of all men’s rights to life, liberty, and happiness. Further, she explained, it is the recognition that these rights come from the Creator that must lead to the conclusion that since these rights are not government given, therefore they cannot be taken away by any particular government. And it is this basic belief that brings a necessary restraint to the powers of government."
Warner Todd Huston at Big Hollywood:
"Sorkin is all upset that someone would dare shoot a caribou, but he doesn’t mind at all that drug dealers are murdering humans everyday so that he can get high. Nice guy."
"Shocker: Detroit Free Press takes cheap shot at Sarah Palin in Granholm exit interview... I wouldn't call this one predictable, but it is emblematic of the establishment liberal MSM's Palin Derangement Syndrome and just how chronic it is... Uh - should runners cover up their legs? Maybe Palin should have worn a pants suit like our failed soon-to-be ex-governor. And why even bring up Palin in an exit interview? In hindsight, why publish it? Did the editorial board over at the freep look at it and not see the cheap shot at Palin? Or did they see and publish it because of the cheap shot?"
Tony Phyrillas at The Mercury Blogs:
"It's amazing how the far left starts foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of Sarah Palin's name."
Rich Vail at The Vail Spot:
"Like Sarah Palin, I went to a state university and took a hell of a long time to finish because I paid for it myself, going only when I could afford to pay. It's people like Klein who want to be 'movers & shakers' but really just don't have a clue...and that worries me. These people want to run things but haven't a clue. It's time we start getting people who have real experience, who have actually done things -- accomplished concrete goals -- into Congress and our state legislatures, because if we continue the way we are, we'll have given away all of our freedoms and not have any idea where they went..."
Merv Benson at PrairiePundit:
"My own feeling is that things will get worse for Obama as voters start to realize how bad his anti energy policy is and what it is going to cost them. It happens to be an issue where Sarah Palin has a leg up on the other contenders too."
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism:
"If union bosses are trying to send a message by refusing to do the work that they get paid six figures for, then message received: they’re extortionists and irrelevant. Every single one of them, from the bosses on down – except for the brave souls whose hearts are soft and felt the need to blow the whistle – should be fired and [held] responsible for any suit by the above listed who suffered... Media Matters/Insert Soros-Funded Faux Media Outlet Here is predictably too busy stalking Fox/Andrew Breitbart/Sarah Palin/whomever and whatever Soros tells them to stalk to report on this. I’m sure they’re still strategizing on which narrative would best make it all Fox News’ fault."
Scared Monkeys:
"Katie Couric Says, 'Maybe We Need a Muslim Version of The Cosby Show' to Stop American Bigotry... And Katie Couric had the nerve to criticise Sarah Palin for her comments... We not only have media bias, we are witness to media stupidity."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"MSNBC Host & Panelist Karen Hunter: Pray For Sarah Palin to Go Away for 'America’s Sake'... Let’s face it. Sarah Palin was effective. She was one of the most effective conservatives battling against the Democrats' socialist agenda these past two years. No wonder they’re praying for her to go away... When they say 'for America’s sake' they’re talking, of course, about the United Socialist States of America, not the USA we all know and love."
- JP

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