Sunday, January 2, 2011

Megan Fox: Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sarah Palin

At David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog, Megan Fox details the top ten reasons that leftists hate Sarah Palin:
When Sarah Palin first stepped onto the national stage (in the hottest red high heels anyone ever saw) this country was changed forever. It will be remembered in history as the moment conservative women stepped onto the grid in a meaningful way. In the same instant, the Left froze in terror and a seething hatred began to build until it could no longer be contained and was unleashed in the most brutal assault on a woman in politics this nation has ever seen. The most vile and disgusting remarks were made about her family, her baby’s paternity, her marriage and her motherhood. Late night comics made rape jokes about her minor daughter and degraded her by calling her a “stewardess” and “sexy secretary.”

Leftist website the Daily Kos started the rumors about Trig not being Sarah’s child, but if you look for the story today you will find this message on the Kos, “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find that story.” Typical. It went down the memory hole. But here’s one that didn’t go down the memory hole thanks to screen grabs and smart bloggers: Alan Colmes, creepy Ichabod Crane look-a-like, had the audacity to suggest Palin didn’t seek proper pre-natal care during her pregnancy. This is rich coming from a guy for whom “pre-natal care” includes visits to Planned Parenthood butchers. Colmes tried to delete the story when he realized what a jerk he was for posting it. That’s what leftists call “courage.”

MSNBC used faked, highly sexualized photos of Sarah in a news broadcast which they later had to grovel over. But it didn’t stop them from flippantly arguing they were just having some “fun.” I’m curious as to what Newsweek‘s excuse was for allowing a Sarah Palin doll dressed up in a sexy school-girl outfit, shirt unbuttoned to show off a red bra to be featured in one of their stories about Palin. The hatred was (and still is) palpable. But why? The following are the top ten reasons leftist moonbats hate Sarah Palin...


Whatever the reasons, it’s a certainty that no other woman has ever been hated as much as Sarah Palin in modern history. Her remarkable ability to rise above it and even laugh at it is a lesson we could all use and more than enough proof to me that she has what it takes to stare down opposition and any challenge you can throw at her. I’ve always been a fan, but the more I get to know her, the more certain I am that Sarah is the next best thing since Ronald Reagan. Her uncanny ability to make leftists writhe with anger and hatred (and dare I say fear) warms my insides. I could definitely stand to see her do that to them for eight years from the inside of the White House. Here’s to hoping the Oval Office gets a new rug soon (a bear rug.)

- JP

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