Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whoa, Nellie: Palin-Brown 2012?

VotingFemale is already floating the idea of a Sarah Palin - Scott Brown ticket for 2012. Whoa, let's get Brown elected to the Senate before we even think about going there! If we're not so hot on the ticket-building idea, we're in 100 percent agreement with VF on what she has to say about Gov. Palin's new FOX News gig:
Last evening Sheppard Smith, who obviously was not on the need-to-know list at FOXNews, made it known on-air, his thinly disguised displeasure at being left out of the loop about FOXNews’ pending Sarah Palin bombshell set to detonate on the American Scene this evening at 8:00 pm eastern time.

It was with fascination and a smile as I observed Bill O’Reilly announce to the world that Sarah Palin’s first appearance as a FOXNews contributor will be on his program, The Factor.

Bill O’Reilly’s eyes twinkled with mirth, with a gently spreading smile, in the process of cogently revealing Sarah would gain extremely beneficial topic exposure with the full force and power of FOX behind her...

The Lame Stream Media is now crying crocodile tears in their conference rooms as reality sets in…
And after tonight's debut on The Factor, the former Wasilla Warrior point guard will be with Glenn Beck for the full hour of his Wednesday FOX News program. Sarah was spotted in the lobby of FNC this morning, arriving early for her show prep. It appears that the former governor has hit the ground running at FOX News.

- JP


  1. Here's some TMZ video, I think of Palin in NYC today, though I don't know if you want to taint your site with it:


    Still the gov's coat is pretty cool. Todd's his usual strong, silent self. And Meg appears!!

    Who knows what the TMZ guys is ranting on about though ...

  2. Brown is pro-choice. It wont happen.

  3. The dream team ticket has to be Palin-Jindal period!