Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Matthew Continetti: Dems in Mass Panic

On The Blog at the Weekly Standard, Matthew Continetti say the Democrats are showing the depth of their desperate over Scott Brown's strong showing in Massachusetts:
Democrats must really be worried about the Massachusetts special election. The DNC dispatched partisan fire-breather Hari Sevugan to help with Martha Coakley's communications strategy. Coakley's in trouble because the Democratic health care bill is unpopular in Massachusetts, Democratic incumbent governor Deval Patrick is a flop, and the unemployment rate is at 8.8 percent.

The rule in politics is to change the subject when your campaign is in trouble. Sure enough, Sevugan wasted no time spilling ink in a desperate attempt to link Republican Scott Brown to Sarah Palin. In last night's debate, Coakley acted as though Brown were just a stand in for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. And a harsh new Coakley ad tried to connect Brown to Rush Limbaugh--before everyone noticed the campaign had misspelled Massachusetts in the text.
Leftists are nothing if not predictable. Those tired old scare tactics and demonization of Sarah and Rush may not help them this time. Brown raised over a million dollars in 24 hours Monday.

Stacy McCain explains why Palin populists support the more centrist Brown.

- JP


  1. Sarah and Rush aren't elected officals!! lol These fools are that darn desperate?!!lol

  2. Well Josh, here is one Palin supporter who hopes Brown loses - and loses by a wide margin. I understand the short term objective of killing Obamacare. However, in the longer term, the election of Brown will be very destructive to conservatism and the pro life movement in particular.

    If Brown wins, the Republican establishment and the MSM will immediately promote the meme that this shows the only way Republicans can win is to be moderate and pro choice. Even though he appears to be fiscally conservative, the media will portray him as a moderate - notwithstanding his vote against Obamacare. They will make him into the new young, attractive John McCain and he could well become the poster boy to rid the party of Palin - and more importantly, pro life people.

    On the other hand, if he loses by a wide margin it stregthens the position that running as a pro choice Democrat-lite doesn't work, even in deep blue Mass.. Also, passing Obamacare works to conservatives' advantage in both the 2010 and 2012 elections. Repeal of Obamacare will become a central campqaign issue in both elections. It will become a massive energizing force. If its not there, it will be much more difficult to energize conservatives.

    Quite frankly, I think the Democrats are starting to realize this and are trying to find a way to kill Obamacare - but blame it on the Republicans. The election of Brown may be their dream come true. They can get rid of Obamacare and portray the Republicans as the party denying people medical care in the 2010 and 2012 elections. At the same time, they can use Brown as a foil to defeat Palin and divide Republicans further.

    Therefore, as a Palin and pro life supporter, I'm hoping for a big Democratic victory in Mass. next week!

  3. Rusty, I couldn't disagree more. The idea that Republicans have to lose in order for conservatives to win is incomprehensible to me. I don't follow the logic because it isn't logical.

    If Brown loses, Mass will get a pro-abortion Senator anyway. But, unlike Brown, she will be soft on crime, soft on terror, soft on national security, virulently anti-Second amendment and opposed to DOMA. She's pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants; Brown is against it. He voted against every tax increase as a state legislator. She will vote for every tax hike as a U.S. Senator.

    Single-issue absolutism will kill the conservate movement faster than than electing a good candidate who just happens to be wrong on a few issues. I'm against abortion, but when there's a race where two pro-abortion candidates are running, I'm for the one who is less of a Marxist.

    You weed out the Vichy Republicans in the primaries. This is a special election, not a primary. Liberal Democrats are the enemy. You can't allow them to win and be a good conservative.

    - JP

  4. And Rusty,

    You'd be completely utterly foolishly so wrong and so wrong you might pay for it in the next life.

    More Christian vanity.

    Look, the main fight against abortion in this country MUST be the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

    If Brown is in the Senate, and say...Palin wins the POTUS, he is very much less likely to vote against conservative SCOTUS nominations of Sarah who eventually would then overturn Roe vs. Wade once it was challenged and presented to a solid 5+ votes on the Court.

    By putting Coakley in there, you GUARANTEE one less vote for a possible conservative Justice on the SCOTUS.

    It is an attitude like yours that keeps Roe vs. Wade alive and kills MORE babies year after year.

    This is a LONG-TERM war and you need to stop the pouty self-righteous, make yourself feel good bullsh*t.

    Because ultimately if you don't, you will be one of the surprised people in the next life when you realize where you are.

    Stop the nonsense and lets think solid strategy here.