Friday, January 22, 2010

Mike Adams: The irrationality of the "non-theist" bigot

On this day when so many have rallied to support life, we couldn't resist sharing these excerpts from the latest column by criminology professor Mike Adams:
I work with a number of anti-Christian bigots at UNC-Wilmington. But few are as angry and irrational as Gary Faulkner – a leftist "non-theist" who shows (publicly) why sociologists are considered by so few people to be legitimate scientists.


Faulkner once wrote a Letter to the Editor... in which he criticized hunters in Alaska for shooting wolves from helicopters. This was done because packs of wolves were attacking the moose population in Alaska. Rather than seeing it as unfair to the moose - that they were attacked by packs of wolves - Faulkner sympathized with the wolves. The problem of course, is that if the wolves do not die then the moose will. If the wolf population is not controlled then people in Alaska will have nothing to eat.

Faulkner, after sympathizing with the wolf over the human, then, in the same letter, took a shot at Sarah Palin for her opposition to abortion rights. So Faulkner supports the sanctity of wolf life over the sanctity of the starving human or the unborn fetus.
The unabridged original is here.

- JP

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