Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now CNN Reporting on What Sarah ISN’T Doing

-By Warner Todd Huston

To show how obsessed the Old Media is over Governor Palin, now CNN has a story on its website ruminating over what Sarah isn’t doing. It seems that she can’t get away from the Old Media even by doing nothing. First they lose their minds over what she is doing, and then when she stops doing something, they go ga ga over that, too.

This time Eric Kuhn, CNN’s “Audience Interaction Producer” -- what ever the heck that is -- is all caught up over if and when Sarah will re-launch her Twitter account. “Is Palin getting ready to tweet again?,” Khun breathlessly asked on the 13th.

Listen, we all love Sarah, but is this actually news?
(CNN) – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin changed her Twitter account on Thursday to @SarahPalinUSA, abandoning her old username @AKGovSarahPalin.

There has been much speculation about when Palin would begin tweeting again. Since leaving office in July, Palin has been silent on Twitter and has primarily used Facebook to communicate with the public.

No tweets have yet been sent from her new Twitter account.

More than 135,000 people currently follow Palin on Twitter. Those who followed her official gubernatorial account do not have to re-subscribe to her new name. Twitter users who change their names maintain their followers.
It’s like CNN is lying in wait for her every move. In fact, this hyper media attention is one of the reasons that Governor Palin stepped down as governor because this undue attention was preventing her from doing her job as governor.

I mean, come on. They are even reporting when she’s NOT doing anything. It is just a surreal situation, isn’t it?



  1. Josh

    It's not really about Sarah Palin, IMHO.

    Kuhn's title means "TV commercial clown". Kuhn's just promoting Tweeter.

    Kuhn used Palin as the endorser of Tweeter, sadly, for free.

    I hope the owner of FB shall pay Citizen Sarah a fair price for her endorsement of FB.

    There's no reason for Palin fans to get mad on this. Sarah is a Superstar, whether she admits it or not.

  2. Oops. Not Josh.

    Sorry. Sir Warren. I misspoke.

  3. ... and twice cuz it's Warner, not Warren! LOL!

  4. GTR, it's called "Twitter." The correct name is listed multiple times in the lead-in and the article.

  5. I think she was just testing the waters because it's changed back.

    You are right though, this is not news.

    I'm of the opinion that she should include a blog on her SarahPAC website. There's only so much you can do with the FB notes application.