Monday, August 17, 2009

Quigley brands Sarah Palin a 'renegade'

The media loves to define those it reports on. That's how John McCain got his rep as a "maverick" and Newt Gingrich, at least in his Speaker days, a "bomb-thrower." Now Bernie Quigley, posting on The Hill's Pundit's Blog, presumes to label Sarah Palin as a "renegade":
Gingrich, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina and others seeking office should take note: If  Sarah Palin goes to a baseball game with Rudy Giuliani, it remains in the press for two weeks. When Sarah Palin talks, or does virtually anything, people watch and listen. They listen even to her silence, waiting beneath the window for an appearance.

Renegades have a "numinous" quality of the mind which haltingly seeks form. That is why they learn to paint or draw, make music or write. It is the same for original leaders in politics. This is where new eras start. There will not be a better way of insinuating new ideas into the discussion today than by letting them be carried first into the air by Palin. But they need to be followed up on by the eloquent and analytical: Gingrich, Fiorina, Perry, Romney and McCain.
McCain? Eloquent and analytical? We wonder if Quigley is referring to John or that "other" McCain? We heard a lot of John McCain on the stump last year, and aside from a couple of stem winders, "eloquent" is hardly the first adjective which comes to mind. Here endeth the digression. Quigley concludes:
History always begins its cycles with renegades. There is no longer any question in my mind that if a new political day is to go forward in our country it will start with Sarah Palin, Citizen and Renegade.
Not too sure if Renegade (he's capitalized it now) fits. Sarah Palin doesn't look at all like Lorenzo Lamas.

- JP


  1. I am ashamed to admit I get the Lamas reference...

    But it is Lorenzo...

  2. Your memory is better than mine was. Lorenzo rode the Harley. Fernando thought he looked "mahvelous."

    Corrected, thanks.

    - JP

  3. I have to agree totally w/Mr. Quigley. I've commented as such on this site ( )
    Makes me wonder if Quigley down under has been reading Texans4Palin?? He could certainly benefit. Sarah must go the "renegade" route for one reason - survival. The GOP Hierarchy is just as dangerous and treacherous as the dem's and msm. If she plays it traditional/conventional they'll chew her up and spit her out. Its not about projecting some outlaw image. It really involves taking back the GOP. Wrenching it free from those elitists who've hijacked it and returning it to its rightful owners - the Conservative Base. DD