Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ian Ransom Slices and Dices Paul Begala

Reading Ian Ransom's dissection* of Paul Begala for the Democrat strategist's ad hominem attack on Sarah Palin reminded us of our first visit to a Japanese steak house, where a skillful chef not only prepared the food before our eyes, but he made quite a dazzling show of all the mid-air slicing and dicing. It was precision culinary performance art done at nearly supersonic speed.

See if you don't agree, as Chef Ransom filets a side of Begala whale:
It's becoming laughable to note the number of Democratic strategists who are still frantically seeking to perpetuate the myth that Sarah Palin is crazy, stupid, intellectually deficient, etc. Begala hopped onto the Bandwagon of Snide Obfuscation via CNN a few days ago, referring to Palin as "half a whack-job."

Perhaps he, like so many other terrified liberal communists, was annoyed by that particular "half" of Palin that managed, in a mere Facebook message, to burst a gaping, game-changing hole in the national health-care debate.


The childish and utterly ridiculous "You're not smart like me" mantra is the same once hurled at wily Ronald Reagan by sniveling, pencil-dic*ed liberal snobs who--let's face it--think that ordering a glass of pinot grigio in some drab Beltway bistro exemplifies superior intellect.
Pinot grigio? No, this is a Japanese restaurant. We're savoring the saki.

*language alert

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- JP

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  1. This was at a Midland Texas town hall video on ObamaCare.

    Watch this woman talk about her husband who will die with Dallas VA health care that did not do the job in time. He will die soon.

    Be prepared to cry.

    More from the meeting here.