Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is Rex Butler Leading the Charge in a Custody Battle Between Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin?

Dan Riehl has this YouTube posted to his site.

In the interview you will hear Levi back off on knowing first hand of the divorce between Sarah and Todd Palin.

He states that he heard about it and doesn't have much information about that.

Someone here in Alaska knows who told Levi to spread the rumor and it has to deal with underage drinking, fishermen, sex and a trashy mouth.

An e-mail with who started the rumor, was sent out to individuals the day before the story was published in the Star. The person who outed the individual, is well known and is, at times pretty damn reliable.

The person who knows who started the rumor, their name has been sent to Outside sources.

And with Levi stating he doesn't have much information about the divorce, it clearly shows he is getting lawyer advice on backing off on what was told to him.

So where does that leave Levi? Out in the cold when it comes to a possible custody battle.

One question remains, is Rex Butler leading the charge on a possible custody battle between Bristol and Levi?

We shall see.

But some advice for Levi, make as much money as you can get, because if you keep doing the trashy talk show circuit and continue to disparage your son's family, you will need it to pay the child support.

It's that simple.

- Tom

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