Friday, July 17, 2009

Surprise! Poll: Palin popular with GOP in northeast

According to PPP, a firm which polls for Democrats, Sarah Palin's popularity among Republicans is actually stronger in the northeast than in either the south or the midwest:
"Palin is viewed favorably by 89% of western Republicans, 86% in the northeast, 76% in the south, and 71% in the midwest. I wouldn't extrapolate these numbers too far, but it might be an indication she could do better in New Hampshire than Iowa. That might be particularly true if Tim Pawlenty gets a next door bonus like Dick Gephardt did in 1988 and Barack Obama did last year."
On PPP's blog, Tom Jensen says it's really not all that surprising since the percentage of Republican voters who identify as conservatives is in the 70 percent to 80 percent range in all geographic areas of the country.

Jensen opines that Gov. Palin might do better in New Hampshire than Iowa, but he preferences that speculation by warning, "I wouldn't extrapolate these numbers too far." Nor would we. It's early yet, and the governor is expected by most analysts to do well in Iowa. Plus, support for a candidate in Iowa may not be representative of that candidate's support in other midwestern states. Time will tell.

The PPP results do, however, back up findings by Gallup that put Gov. Palin's favorability ratings at 72 percent, a double-digit advantage over Mitt Romney at 56 percent.

- JP


  1. OT

    Beware of PPP.

    Their polls can have some value, but they are Democrats who want Democrats to win.

    Keep it in mind.

  2. I'm in MN and I don't think Pawlenty is going to have much of an effect in IA. I don't see him as being able to raise the kind of money necessary for a national campaign, plus he's about as interesting as wallpaper paste. We know that no one can beat Palin as far as crowds go, and that will be a major psychological impact on the other candidates, and I don't believe any of them will be able to match her fundraising ability either. She did 3 or 4 rallies in IA during the campaign, and drew maximum capacity crowds, and she's been invited to address the IA GOP's Reagan Day fundraiser later this year.

  3. Chiming in from the northeast here.

    I'm in CT and am a state organizer for Connecticut for Sarah (CFS), so I'm thrilled to hear these #s - even if they're Democrat and not totally reliable.

    We have more than 100 members to our private group in which we're pretty strict in who we let in to protect from trolls and sabotage. But we are small and active.

    Since the good gov's resignation we have grown by around 10 people, who are ready to work!