Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PPP Polling: Palin turns negatives into positives

Polling firm Public Policy Polling has conducted two national surveys and four state polls since Sarah Palin's July 3 announcement that she would resign. PPP is a Democrat polling organization, so we wouldn't expect them to spin their results any other way than to play down any improvement shown by the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate. But we must admit that this stretch gave us a good laugh:
"In national surveys we conducted in May and June Palin's favorability with American voters averaged out to 43/50. In two polls conducted since she announced her resignation it's been 47/45. So there's been a slight improvement on that front."
A slight improvement? Sarah Palin has gone from unfavorably perceived overall to viewed favorably. She has increased her positives by four points and decreased her negatives by 5 points. that's a 9-point turnaround in less than a month, and she managed it while on the receiving end of a barrage of bogus ethics complaints, assaults from the punditocracy and rotten treatment from a hostile press. We call that a major turnaround. Looks like that resigning thing is working out just fine for her.

With football season just around the corner, please forgive us a gridiron metaphor or two. It's still early in the game. And so far, all we have seen is the Palin defense. Just wait until Sarah takes the ball and starts calling the plays.

Update: columnist Larry Elder puts polls in perspective.

Related: In an online poll conducted by, nearly 80 percent of the respondents indicated that they support a Palin run for the presidency in 2012. Two caveats - it's not a scientific poll, and NewsMax readership is very conservative overall. We already knew that Sarah Palin is the overwhelming choice of conservatives to be the GOP nominee in '12. But we have to admit that the sample size -- 600,000 plus -- is impressive.

- JP


  1. Data.

    PPP spin and data are great fun.

    Sarah 47/45
    Huck 42/33
    Newt 36/42
    Mitt 37/36
    Obama job approval 50/43

    vote 2012
    O 50 Newt 42
    O 48 Huck 42
    O 49 Mitt 40
    O 51 Sarah 43

    Obama still has lots of conservative/moderate support to lose.
    Sarah has some to win.
    Sarah 27 % favorable with liberals.
    Obama 21% approval by conservatives.

    liberals O 82% Sarah 17%
    conservatives O 23% Sarah 69%
    moderates O 62% Sarah 31%

    Sarah fav 45-46 Women 50-43 men

    Obama has huge gender gap. men 43-51

    2012 men tied O vs Sarah
    women 54-40
    hispanic 35-62

    Sarah fav Independents 45-43
    dems 25-67
    Rep 76-19

    Hispanic 51-43 <----- This is big.
    White 52-41 <-----almost the same

    IIRC, Sarah young to middle age is coming around. Seniors a bit weak.
    Young still for O in 2012.

    Sarah beats O 49-45 in the West. Hello West coast, goodby Obama.

    Try finding something encouraging for Mitt or Newt in those numbers. Not easy.

    It looks very good for Sarah, and bad for Obama.

    Maybe Obama should try resigning and being attacked by the media. It is a strategy, and he needs one.

    Poll was 15th 16th. Sarah probably looks better today, and Obama worse.

  2. This far out from the election, Palin is in good shape. Matter of fact, in excellent shape given the fact that she has been subjected to one of the most intense media smear campaigns in US history for almost a year, and she's essentially been isolated in Alaska for the last 8 months. Now that she is free to travel, and to speak out on the issues, her numbers will increase. The last Rasmussen poll shows that 65 percent want lower taxes, and less government, exactly what Palin supports, so there is great potential for growth. Her book, due out in the spring, will be huge. I heard an interview with her father on the Eddie Burke show, and he said he doesn't know exactly what's going to be in the book, but she is going to really tell it like it is. Look for it to be #1 best seller for months. Palin's Facebook is up to 684,000, gaining about 2,000 per day, will probably reach 1 million by the end of the year. Team Sarah has added about 3,000 new members just this month.

    I'd like to see her show up at the TEA Party event in DC on Sept 12th, that would be huge.

  3. 5 state polls. One headline:
    Obama Approval At __%; Lowest in 7 Months of Tracking. (The page may change.)

    Wisconsin: Obama Approval At 50%; Lowest in 7 Months of Tracking.
    SurveyUSA Breaking News - 1 day ago
    Poll conducted for KSTP-TV In Minneapolis. Full results can be found here .

    Washington State: Obama Approval at 56%; Lowest in 7 Months of Tracking.
    SurveyUSA Breaking News - 1 day ago
    Poll conducted for KING-TV Seattle. Full results can be found here .

    Virginia: Obama Job Approval Rating Falls to Minus 5; Lowest in 7 Months of Tracking.
    SurveyUSA Breaking News - 1 day ago
    Poll conducted for WDBJ-TV Roanoke, WJLA-TV Washington DC. Full results can be found here .

    New York: Obama Approval At 63%; Lowest In 7 Months Of Tracking.
    SurveyUSA Breaking News - 1 day ago
    Poll conducted for WABC-TV New York, WHEC-TV Rochester, WNYT-TV Albany. Full results can be found here .