Monday, July 20, 2009

Quote of the Day (July 20, 2009)

Leftist and media (but I repeat myself) criticism of the speech in which Gov. Palin announced herintention to resign has ranged from "rambling" to "incoherent". Strange, most of us here in flyover country had no problem understanding the governor. On among us is George Copeland:
"As I listen to it again, I note the following distinct themes, in this order:
  • Brief introductory remarks
  • Development of the idea that she is a visionary
  • A recounting of her achievements as governor, point by point
  • A detailed explanation of the obstacles she has encountered since her VP nomination
  • Her future intentions, resignation, and rationale for resigning
  • A devastating attack on her political opponents (bloodsport!)
  • A quick and inspiring summary
Palin proceeded from topic to topic logically, without digression...

So whence the characterization of her speech as 'rambling'"?
Copeland will have to ask a liberal. Their brains must be "wired" differently for everyday Americans. All those head explosions must blow out a lot of synapses.

- JP

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