Monday, July 27, 2009

Bill Whittle video: The elites' war on Sarah Palin

Bill Whittle explains why the left, the media and Vichy Republicans joined in a de facto Axis of Elites to try to destroy Sarah Palin. This is must-see PJTV made out of pure 100% awesome.

But it's about much more than Sarah Palin. It's about a political struggle the good guys won't win unless they wake up, smell the Alinsky and stop taking prisoners.

Don't just watch it. E-mail it to your political friends... and foes.

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- JP

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Bill Whittle. Where has this guy been? Why doesn't he have an hour long program on Fox news? I'm impressed. I don't get over to PJM TV much mostly because I have little time but I'll try to make a better effort. Especially for this Whittle fellow.
    He says he isn't a GOP strategist but he certainly should be. Folks like him are exactly what the GOP needs. DD