Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rudy Guiliani: Sarah Palin has what it takes

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in a CNN interview Wednesday, said that the GOP needs a strong leader who can focus the party on what he called "the most left-wing agenda - since Roosevelt." One possible such leader, Giuliani said, is former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin:
"I... took her to the Yankee game a couple of weeks ago... I was a little concerned about taking her to the Bronx -- big Democratic territory... She had a great reception... They all wanted to take a picture with her. They all wanted to get her autograph. They all wanted to talk to her. She sparks a tremendous amount of interest. So there is something unusual there."
Asked if Palin has what it takes to be president, Giuliani replied:
"I thought she did when I campaigned for her... Yes, I thought she was a really good governor. I thought she had done a really good job. There are a lot of questions because of all of the things that have been raised. She had the chance to answer them all. And I think she’s a real presence in our party."
- JP

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  1. Giuliani could be the way for Sarah to break through the Republican Party inner circle opposition. Giuliani is pragmatic and is not a competitor. Even though he is not socially conservative, Palin's supporters should welcome (and in fact seek) his support without fearing that Sarah would abandon her principles.