Friday, March 4, 2011


Movie madness
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"Unforgiving" (2011)
PG 131 min - Political | Religious

Rating: 1.2/10

Synopsis: Former preacher Mike Huckabee condemns women who have out of wedlock pregnancies, but Huck had no problem forgiving violent felon Maurice Clemmons, making the convict eligible for parole. Nine years later, Clemmons would walk into a coffee shot and gun down four Oakland, California police officers in cold blood. Huckabee would also come to forgive himself for starting the chain of events that led to Clemmons' release from prison.

Director: Mike Huckabee
Writer: Mike Huckabee
Stars: Mike Huckabee, Natalie Portman and Bristol Palin
Audience: Holier-than-thou hypocrites

- JP

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