Monday, March 14, 2011

Rush: The problem is Obama, not Palin

This anti-Palin vitriol from "the right" defies logic
Rush Limbaugh commented Monday on the Palin-bashing by alleged "conservative" intellectuals:

h/t: The Daily Rushbo

- JP

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  1. Understood - I'm just an old guy, living in the mountains of northern California, and my Bachelors in History and Government doesn't mean anything because it was not earned at an Ivy League University, but Sarah Palin represents all I've ever dreamed of about a "politician". I reckon my lifetime career in computer systems has caused me to drift away from the intellectual to the practical (doesn't work? I must have made an error - I never was able to prove it was the computer's fault when a program or system of mine failed). So, this steady downplaying of Sarah Palin's common sense, practical solutions to our world's problems just rubs me raw! I no longer give Charles Krauthammer any excuse because of his physical problems - it's his mental problems which grate on me. And that goes for all the other "intellectuals" and "establishment" folks in the GOP. Sarah Palin represents ME and all this garbage being spewed at her is being spewed at ME! And, I don't like it and I won't ever forget it! Finally, I'm not helpless...this leads me to my last point - I believe all this crap is only strengthening us Tea Party folk. We're not weaker, we're stronger. In the area where I live there was only one organized Tea Party group a year ago where there are nine today, nine VERY ACTIVE groups with active web sites and which usually meet WEEKLY to discuss local, state, national and international issues. We don't cotton to one of ours being smeared by Leftists, power brokers or snobs!