Monday, March 7, 2011

Palin stalker Shawn Christy NOT collared by the FBI (Updated)

“We sleep with the guns”
According to the UK's Daily Mail, Shawn Christy, the 19 year old Pennsylvanian who admitted last October to stalking Sarah Palin, has been arrested by the FBI in Alaska. Christy had bombarded Gov. Palin with threatening letters and even sent her copies of receipts for a gun he bought and told her to watch his back. The teenager's threats were considered serious enough by an Alaska Judge to issue restraining orders against Christie in October.
Her family have revealed that Christy was held in Anchorage, just 50 miles from her home in Wasilla. FBI officers have ordered him to return to Pennsylvania, 3,500 miles away.

He is said to have bombarded her with letters, writing about his “evil” and signing off “your magic enemy”. Ms Palin’s dad, Chuck Heath, 72, said: “She has got security when she goes places but here in Wasilla she doesn’t have that great security other than family and friends.

“Not only has Sarah been threatened, but her whole family.

“We sleep with the guns.” In the interview to be aired on BBC2’s Newsnight today, Mr Heath said Christy was held last month.

He had reportedly said he planned to travel to Wasilla to get the restraining order dismissed.
Now Sarah Palin’s parents have talked about the controversy for the first time. Her mother Sally Heath told Newsnight that she was concerned for her daughter's safety and that of the Palin children.

Update: Eric Gonzalez, a spokesman for the FBI's Anchorage field office, denies the Daily Mail story, saying the Bureau "has not arrested or had any contact with Mr. Christy."

- JP

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