Monday, March 7, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 229

"Everything can change" Edition

Bernie Quigley at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
"The Palin neurosis suggests two things: First, the passing of an age. Second, the rise of another age. The neurosis manifests in venues of the MSM which have seen better days; the government-appointed television networks, with their constant feel-good-about-myself mush, and the two big-deal newspapers as relevant to our day as the Union Pacific railroad, in contrast now to the soaring creativity of free television on the cable stations and a vast network of Internet users who have brought an army of new congressmen to Washington and a horde of new governors to the states of a brand we have never seen before. This will change America entirely. This is post-9/11 America waiting for its first generation, and America will never be the same. No single individual is more responsible for this than Ron Paul and Sarah Palin... It shifts again. Paul, Palin and the Tea Party have changed our world forever. Somebody tell Charlie Sheen. Somebody tell Dana Milbank."
William Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"Bill Maher... managed to make a news story into an insult about Sarah Palin for the millionth time... Palin must really get under his skin if he can't go a week or two without making totally unrelated slights towards her."
Lee Benedict at The Augusta Chronicle:
"Palin has a strong executive record of nonpartisan governance and doing what she believed to be right, from which Alaska benefitted, thereby making her a threat to those who make their living and receive gratification by controlling others. She has endured some of the most heinous media attacks in history, and I ask: Why? What has she done to warrant any of it? Who in all of recorded history has received such unwarranted or warranted venomous attacks? Eliot Spitzer gets a television program. Jim McGreevey is forgotten. Ted Kennedy is idolized. Sarah Palin? Demonized. What is the media's true objective? ... She is a strong woman with convictions and a belief in the U.S. Constitution, and the American will and spirit of the Founders that cannot, and will not, be broken -- regardless of what the bitter media sends her way."
Castaway Conservative:
"When was great American, Sarah Palin ever granted benefit of the doubt about anything she said?"
Chris DeBello at Christie Watch:
"Palin 1 - Christie 0... During his recent appearance on Face The Nation, Chris Christie was sharing his views of the various potential Republican Presidential candidates. When his focus turned to Sarah Palin, Christie said that she needed more 'unscripted moments' to prove that she's a viable candidate. On Friday Christie learned that it's dangerous to play with the Mama Grizzly as Palin fired back."
T. D. at Terrance this is stupid stuff:
"Gov. Palin moved the fight to 'not scripted' policy substance. Touché."
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
"Palin is correct. Chris Christie has earned a reputation for being the biggest baddest Republican in town. However truth be told, he isn't all that and a bag of chips. With an $11 billion shortfall, Christie really didn't have too many options at his disposal... Palin is also correct to point out that had Republicans adhered to their principles during the good years, America never would have gotten to the point it is now. For too long Republicans have placed their reelection chances ahead of doing the right thing. Palin's remarks don't really come out of the blue. Christie has hinted at her lack of courage for a lack of 'unscripted' moments. So, consider Palin's remarks as simply returning the favor to Christie. If Palin is capable of effectively shattering the Christie Mystique, Mitt Ronmey doesn't stand a chance of keeping his carefully crafted persona intact."
Lori Calabrese at
"Those on the left can continually ignore the fact that Palin has the knowledge one needs to meet the demands of President of the United States, but it's apparent the more one watches Palin in interviews, she is ready to debate policy and she's not going to back down from her critics."
Aaron Goldstein at The American Spectator's AmSpec Blog:
"Mike Huckabee is not having a good week. First, he asserts that President Obama was raised in Kenya... Then he goes after a pregnant woman. To be precise, Huckabee criticized actress Natalie Portman while appearing on Michael Medved's radio show earlier this week... Huckabee attributed statements to Portman she never made and misrepresented her marital intentions. If Huckabee is a gentleman he will apologize to Portman. Besides if Huckabee so virulently objects to out-of-wedlock children then why didn't he admonish Bristol Palin? I'll tell you why. Because The Mama Grizzly would have torn Huckabee to shreds."
Marc Schenker at
"In a late-day interview on Fox News, Sarah Palin expressed her dismay at Barack Obama’s constantly slavish and deferential behavior towards Mexico’s Felipe Calderon."
Gil Ronen at Arutz Sheva:
"Sarah Palin came out strongly in favor of continued U.S. foreign aid to Israel in a Sunday interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Foxnews...In a confident, articulate appearance and what some see as one of her best interviews to date, Palin was also asked why the Obama Administration was so hesitant to call the shooting of the US airmen in Germany an act of terror. Carefully, she said: 'Our president's world view certainly seems a bit different than, I believe, most Americans because... I think if you ask most Americans on the street if someone was hell bent on killing one of our military personnel yelling Allah Akbar and had terrorist ties and you can't see that clearly as a terrorist, then we've got some things quite askew in our Administration.' Regarding the situation in Libya, where dictator Muammar Qaddafi is fighting to retain control, Palin came out in favor of a US-imposed no-fly zone there."
Keith Burgess-Jackson:
"Sarah Palin will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, and she will defeat Barack Obama. Write it down. Mark my words. Take it to the bank."
Christopher Weber at Politics Daily:
"The National Rifle Association says it has Sarah Palin to thank for a 20 percent jump in female membership. Calling it the 'Palin effect,' the NRA's Diane Danielson told the Daily Mail that the former Alaska governor's vocal advocacy of gun rights is helping the group teach '10,000 new women a year to shoot, and making more girls want to take up hunting.' ... 'Firearm manufacturers are gearing their products towards women. They're scaling down stocks, and shortening trigger-pull lengths for our shorter fingers,' Danielson told the Daily Mail."
Michael Foust at Baptist Press:
"A new poll spotlighting the faith community's outlook on the 2012 campaign shows that evangelicals have high views of Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin, less-than-enthusiastic views of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, and low views of President Obama."
Robert Lane Greene, NYU professor, via CNN:
"Palin is as masterly with language as Bush was not. She uses her unique way of speaking to devastating political effect. She has every confidence in her ability to reach her audience... Twitter is the perfect medium for her... and she uses it sharply... I was at Palin's coming-out speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention. She may not have written her line about the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom ('lipstick'), but she delivered it perfectly. Watch it again. The crowd roared. She drew increased confidence and swagger as she went on. At the beginning she was an unknown. By the end, she was the Sarah Palin you know today. She now overshadows, in her ability to grab attention, the entire 2012 Republican field. So on National Grammar Day, remember: Language is about communicating effectively, not just memorizing some highfalutin' rules. Bo Diddley knows that. So does Palin. Democrats (and Republicans) 'misunderestimate' her at their peril."
- JP

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