Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 228

"Proud to be an American" Edition

Victor Stepien at The Vanderbilt Torch:
"Sarah Palin believes that American conservatism is an idea worth defending, as evident in this collection of reflections on the virtues of her country. Her values, 'family, faith, and flag,' are what makes her proud to be an American. They account for her belief in freedom and her disregard for attempts from left and right to muzzle her... Contrary to her ridicule-prone public image bandied about by misogynistic liberals during the 2008 presidential campaign, this book is nothing but well thought-out and thoroughly researched. While the work of Jessica Gavora, married to Jonah Goldberg, the online editor of the National Review, and a friend of Palin’s, may have contributed to some of its rigor, the tone, direction and honesty definitely sound like Sarah Palin... It is a repudiation of nanny-state paternalism, a cry for freedom and an acclaim for people power. It is bound to galvanize and inspire the reader to stop the current liberal course of American leadership and put it back into the hands of conservatives... The first step, perhaps, will be to support Sarah Palin if she decides to run for President."
"Sarah Palin won the Republican Straw Poll for February reflecting the opinion of hundreds of thousands of conservative voters on and"
Jim Funkhouser at Tea Party Tribune:
"Item: America imports 70% of its oil, and Saudi crude is such a large component of our imported oil that it cannot quickly be replaced by other exporting nations, and we cannot exploit our own resources quickly enough to thwart the impact of its loss. In short, an economic calamity would surely occur if 30% of our daily oil needs are temporarily suspended... We are slowly losing our grip on a steady stream of oil from the Middle East. A leader with vision would have identified the threat long ago and issued emergency orders suspending bogus bans on drilling. National Security always trumps boutique enviromental concerns and energy needs have been a threat to our Republic for decades. (Insert gratutious mention of Sarah Palin here.) Hopefully 3/11 will be just another day. Regardless, if we remain dependent on foreign oil America is unnecessarily put at risk. And it’s impossible to root for justifiable popular uprisings that could lead to our own demise."
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:
"During the 2008 presidential campaign, Charles Gibson attempted to lecture Sarah Palin on the 'Bush doctrine' in foreign affairs, but managed to get it wrong himself while Palin got it mainly correct. At least Bush had a 'doctrine' in foreign policy. Can anyone identify an Obama doctrine?"
Rob Witham at All Things Witham:
"I suspect that, somewhere, sometime, at some point, Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Usher, Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey have all, privately or publicly, whined about how much they can't stand Sarah Palin and that she's a threat to America. Yadda yadda yadda... But, apparently, Libyan leader Qaddafi and his wacky son are okay by all of them! Each of them has reportedly received LOTS of money (up to $1 million) to perform at private events of the Libyan dictator/murderer. Apparently, Mariah sang four songs. $250K a pop. Not a bad gig if you can get it. That is, if you don't mind accepting blood money."
Michelle Malkin via Twitter:
"I am not down with @karlrove @tuckercarlson misogynist mockery of @sarahpalinusa. Sick of it."
Melissa Clouthier at
"The civility street goes both ways, but not for leftists and the press. Only Republicans are held to the civility standard. In the absence of evidence, we’ve seen the press and leftist politicians make up stories to support the narrative that the Tea Party is a racist, bigoted group. Any person who disagrees with President Obama must be racist, they say, with straight faces. They blame Sarah Palin for creating a climate that would produce a sociopathic killer. They do all this with no evidence whatsoever. In the last few weeks, example after example of incivility and even outright violence have been ignored, minimized, and diminished by the press. So, here’s another example, recorded as evidence that demonstrates that the true violent rhetoric and climate of hate is being fostered and encouraged by the left."
Abortion at
"So Libs, let me see if i have this straight. It's bad for Sarah Palin to go to a church where anti-abortion and family/Christian values are preached, yet it's ok for Barack Obama to go to a church for years where the weekly theme is God D___ America and the White Man is the Devil. Have I got this straight yet?"
Susanna Kim at ABC News:
"More women than men took up hunting in the United States in 2009, according to the National Sporting Goods Association... 'Women are buying more handguns, rifles, shotguns. We are the market for the future,' said Judy Rhodes, co-founder of Diva -- WOW (Women Outdoors Worldwide), a women's shooting and outdoors sporting organization... When asked if the growing visibility of Sarah Palin and her enthusiasm for hunting is a factor in the sport's growing popularity, Rhodes said she and other women can relate to Palin because, like the former governor, they have been hunting since childhood... 'For every woman we brought to the sport, she brought seven,' said Rhodes... Kirstie Pike started Prois Hunting and Field Apparel for Women in Gunnison, Colo., with her husband in 2008... Pike and Rhodes said they agree with Palin's approach to hunting through a conservation perspective and the idea of harvesting meat."
Jeff Maysh at The Daily Mail:
"Regis Giles, 19, is one of America's hottest hunters - and she's taking the big game world by storm... And she's already drawing parallels to Sarah Palin, America's most famous gun-toting wilderness-loving woman."
Bernie Quigley at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
"The Republicans are looking for an anomaly: someone joyful and charming — a happy fat man, maybe; a novelty and a brief entertainment to hold off Sarah Palin. It is exactly the same situation the Democrats were in in 2008, facing a future of Hillary Clinton as candidate... When I interviewed William F. Buckley Jr. many years ago he said that with Ronald Reagan conservatives experienced a dream come true. But all the excitement seems to have worn them out. Instead of the Gipper, the Republicans have become the party of the Bushes. And the Bushes are unremarkable. All of them... The problem in both parties is that they are beholden to the traditions, a situation reinforced by the mainstream media, which refuses to enter the new century and strives to repeat the past... With Alaska’s Sarah Palin, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, with former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., the potential today is vast and the future opens up to them. Conservatism is on the verge of being born potentially to a historic new age of self-governance, and it terrifies the Republicans."
Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"McClatchy has a public record of liberal bias, and if you don’t believe there is a larger narrative about Sarah Palin going on in the media, well then you haven’t been paying attention."
Fraud Protection:
"The Donkeys are so concerned because Governor Palin has a person who worked for her who, behind her back, might (not proven) have asked that someone get fired... I’m wondering why they weren’t so vocal during the Clinton years? Remenber these: White Water, Castle Grande scandal, CattleGate... TravelGate, Mike Espy forced out over charges he got gifts/favors from Arkansas’s Tyson Foods, FileGate... White House aide using presidential helicopters for personal golf outings, Hubbell pleads guilty to bilking tax clients, Clinton law partner William Kennedy resgins after concealing his failure to pay nanny taxes, Clinton’s Whitewater partners the McDougals convicted of fraud, White House Lawyer Bernard Nussbaum prevents federal investigators from searching Vince Foster’s office after his death, Sherry Rowlands revealed as a hooker who had an ongoing affair with Clinton adviser Dick Morris, and of course, all the various women – Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, probably more, whom Clinton sexually harrassed."
AWR Hawkins at Big Journalism:
"CNN stopped carrying water for Democrat politicians just long enough to carry a little bit for Islamic extremists instead... when host Don Lemon modeled the Hollywood mentality that explains away America’s distrust of radical Islamists by accusing salt-of-the-earth Americans of being ignorant or un-edgumacated (like Sarah Palin or Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush or Dick Cheney)."
Benyamin Korn at
"The new director of Sarah Palin’s political action committee – SarahPac – is not only a seasoned GOP Presidential campaign operative, but has long years of experience working at the top level with major Jewish Republicans... In public and private statements, Mr. Glassner emphasizes that the incumbent GOP Vice Presidential nominee is not at present a candidate for any public office. But if Mrs. Palin were to announce a candidacy, a man of Mr. Glassner’s background would bring invaluable Presidential campaign experience to her organization, not to mention a nuanced understanding of Jewish and Israeli political and religious issues."
- JP

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