Monday, March 7, 2011

James Lewis: Islamo-phobia and Palin-phobia

"Long may she drive them batty"
The American Thinker's James Lewis argues that there are two kinds of phobias -- real and imagined. The left often mislabels rational fears as imaginary phobias. "Islamophobia" is not a phobia at all, because the prudent person understands that there are real things to fear about Islamic fascism. But in America, Lewis explains, "we suffer from a Typhoid Mary media" which purposefully ignores the threat of radical Islam, allowing the sickness to spread. Patriots who dare to point this out are immediately labeled Islamophobic by the media left.
What about Palin-phobia? It is an irrational fear of Governor Sarah Palin, propagated by leftist ideologues. Governor Palin is beautiful, smart, has lots of common sense, and she is running the biggest head-trip on the Left since the heyday of Ronald Reagan. They should be afraid of Palin, because she could just drive them back into that old dustbin of history, just like Ronald Reagan did with the Soviets.

Palin is the biggest danger the Left can see. If she is elected president, I think it will be morning in America again.

The great thing about Reagan was that the libs couldn't ignore him. He was a painful burr in their saddle, and they couldn't get rid of him because he spoke directly to people, bypassing the corrupting filters of the media. When Reagan became president, the mullahs suddenly backed off, the Soviet Union crumbled, and the rest is history.

The Left can't ignore Sarah Palin either. They can't stop scratching that scab. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank has outed himself and his fellow travelers by starting the first twitter campaign in favor of censorship. It's his "Ignore Sarah Palin" campaign. This is how the media really think; the First Amendment exists for them, but not for any conservative.


But Milbank can't drive Sarah out of his own mind. She is beautiful, vigorous, wholesome, has a loaded shotgun, and is passionate about her values. She has charisma. Milbank wants to control Governor Palin, and he will never do it.

The Left runs a sexual power trip. Marxists have exploited women sexually since Karl Marx impoverished his wife Jennie and his children to keep up his quest for absolute power. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was infamous for exploiting his mistresses and depositing their new-born babies in the nearest foundling home. It suited his monstrous selfishness.

Palin is a target for the left because (a) they want to score with the lady and (b) they can't, because she is married with kids, and actually takes her family seriously. Feminists have their own neurotic hang-ups with sex and power, and they hate Sarah Palin because she is a liberated woman, completely free of their hang-ups. The nastiness of the feminist left looks like something out of the Witches of Eastwick. They keep showing their mean side to Palin, and people can see it. In the fullness of time it will come back to bite them.

It is a fine and noble thing to see Sarah Palin driving Dana Milbank off the edge. Ronald Reagan just had to grin on TV and say "There they go again!" and most people got the point. Sarah Palin is like that. Her very way of being cuts through the inky smoke the Left keeps squirting into the air. Palin only needs is to be herself and Dana Milbank goes hooting through the moonlit sky again.

A true phobia is a neurosis, and it just keeps repeating itself. The Left can't stop their Palin-phobia. They can't stop themselves from tearing off the mask. Behind the professional smiles, their real faces are cruel and destructive. Palin brings out the true nature of the Left.

Long may she drive them batty.

- JP

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