Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gov. Palin scheduled to speak at Liberty University in Oct.

Her remarks will be simulcast to 1,000 churches around the country
As The Daily Caller's Steven Nelson observes, Sarah Palin will need solid support from social conservatives to win the GOP presidential nomination if she runs. Nelson interprets her scheduled appearance at Liberty University’s Extraordinary Women Conference as a sign that that she's aware of this reality:
The News & Advance, a newspaper in Lynchburg, Virginia, reported Tuesday that Palin will speak at the October 7-8 conference, mere months before presidential primary elections.

“Extraordinary Women is pleased to announce that Governor Sarah Palin will be sharing her testimony of faith with us at the 2011 Lynchburg Ewomen conference,” the group wrote on its website.


Current Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. wrote in a statement to The News & Advance, “Governor Palin is greatly admired by our Liberty University faculty, staff and students for her patriotism and her determination to stand up for what is right despite vicious and unrelenting attacks against her and her family.”
The audience for Gov. Palin’s speech will be significantly expanded, thanks to a simulcast which will distribute her remarks to 1,000 churches around the country. Tickets for the event are priced between $49 and $89.

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