Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FNS temporarily suspends Gingrich, Santorum contracts (Updated)

Time to announce or lose the paycheck
From Fox News Insider:

Will Gov. Palin and Gov. Huckabee be next?

Update: Ed Morrisey comments...
What does this say about the intent of Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee? Both are also high-profile contributors to Fox, and Huckabee has his own show on the network. Both ran in the 2008 cycle, and both continue to organize for something. Baier was careful to say that this does not preclude further announcements, but it would seem a little odd if Fox bounced Gingrich and Santorum for potential presidential runs that will be long-shots at best while continuing to employ two potential front-runners without bothering to first ask about their plans for 2012.
"Sean Hannity hardest hit" - What will he do with no Newt on his show at least once a week?

- JP

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