Thursday, March 3, 2011

Excerpts from 'The Wisdom of Palin'

She has faith in the people to have faith in themselves
Excellent post at Hub Pages by weholdthesetruths. Excerpts:
Over the course of the last couple years, Sarah Palin has written or spoken on just about every matter facing us as a nation, and in each of these, reveals that her choice, is the simple, common sense one. There's no need of complex policy papers, or "complex, theoretically driven schemes" to solve any of them.

No, our need is someone with the will, the guts, and the integrity to carry out those things. Palin's been through the fires of hell for 3 years now. It has't done anything but make her stronger. There's nothing anyone can say that will intimidate, break, or weaken her. During this time, she has merely gotten more direct and demonstrated absolute commitment to doing the proper things.

The other thing Sarah Palin does, is to reach people. No, you foaming at the mouth liberals will never love her, just like you hated Reagan, so we're going to ignore you. But Sarah reaches everyone else. And at this moment, more than at any time in a long, long time, we need leadership. The kind that speaks up, speaks out, and pushes people to the right thing, and can tell them what, why, how, and in a simple direct manner. One that recognizes there's no guile, no speaking down to, or duplicity. And behold, liberals scream the opposite in frantic rage, afraid the people will actually see the real her and respond. They watched it happen with Reagan. For different reasons, but the same principle, Palin will do the same.

No, the wisdom of Palin is that we need common sense. The wisdom of Palin is that we've found someone with a spine of tempered steel, who won't break, and if we ever needed a leader with courage and unflinching resistance to attack, we need it now.


The people must have faith in something. They, not the leaders, are the answer. They are the ones who will create the jobs, build the new industrial sector, create the new institutions from the rubble of the old. And what they need is confidence in themselves, and confidence that once they take on the risks and burdens of these things, that our government will not turn on them and beat them down yet again. Palin's got the character, and that's her wisdom.


It's character that counts, now. The ability to move people, to reach them, and to encourage them to go and do and be, and to have faith in themselves, not her. She tells that message every time she speaks. And that's the wisdom of Palin.

- JP

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  1. What an awesome post. It does a good job of laying out Sarah's consistent approach to governing. You are linked here:
    "The Wisdom of Palin": Common Sense Leads to Firm Ground