Sunday, March 13, 2011

Borepatch: Why the Press hates Sarah Palin

They hate her with the fires of a thousand suns
A good read at Borepatch on why the media hates Gov. Palin. The priesthood of the press, who fancy themselves more sophisticated than the rubes in flyover country, have been reduced to defending conventional wisdom -- which is to say progressivism -- the liberal religion which hasn't had a new idea since the days of FDR's New Deal:
Pity our typical member of the press, who sees his role as a political sportscaster. Reporting what's happening - with a bit of a bias for the home team, of course - he is better informed than his listener.

And along comes Sarah Palin, and the Conventional Wisdom crumbles...


Who is this Sarah Palin person was all their readers and viewers wanted to know, and they didn't know anything about her. The Conventional Wisdom never held that an attractive, female, outdoorsy, non-Ivy League Governor might get tapped for high office. Of course, that's why it was such a huge story, and why their readers and viewers kept tuning in to find out.

But our "sportscaster" reporters knew all of bupkis about her, and so they looked like...


They looked like idiots. Have you even been paying attention to the game, wondered their readers and viewers. In truth, the answer is "no", because Sarah Palin wasn't Conventional Wisdom. Their strong position in the present had suddenly been switched with their weak position in the future, because with Palin the future had arrived.

And everyone could see that they're not the smartest kids in class anymore. That's why they hate her, and are trying to destroy her.

Image by Sad Hill News

- JP

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