Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BBC Newsnight reports on Gov. Palin and her parents

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Links to some stories and videos from BBC Two's report from Alaska:
Chuck and Sally Heath

Will Sarah Palin run for president?

Should Sarah Palin run for president?
In the third video, regarding Dave Stieren, whom BBC bills as a "conservative" talk show host and Palin critic, his comment that "Not even Reagan thought that he was Reagan" demonstrates that this guy isn't playing with all 52 cards. Also in that video, Ivan Moore once again shows his anti-Palin bias by parroting the DNC's tired, old "intellectual curiosity" meme.

- JP


  1. JP, this BBC stuff is GARBAGE!

  2. Glenn, it's like anything else you read in the leftist media. The discerning reader has to consider the source.

    - JP

  3. JP, yes, you're right - sad, but true. Yet, I keep hoping...