Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten comments on Gov. Palin's 'Hannity' appearance

Palin Was Terrific
Here's a sampling of ten quotes in reference to Gov. Palin's appearance on 'Hannity' Monday night:

Quinn Hillyer at TAS' AmSpec blog:
"Her interview with Sean Hannity, just aired, was almost pitch-perfect. It was dignified. It was well-modulated. It was strong. And it was thoughtful. She kept her composure even as Hannity put on the screen some of the vilest, most vicious attacks against her -- the sorts of things that were so bad that if they were said about me they might shake me to my core... She was correct on all counts."
Donald Douglas at American Power:
"It's a great interview. Sarah Palin has been exhibiting tremendous leadership and poise over this past week or so. She's an immensely needed voice of moral clarity, and especially so in these difficult times of progressive un-reality. "
Gary P Jackson at A Time for Choosing:
"Sarah Palin in an exclusive interview with Fox New's Sean Hannity, her first after the vile attacks and blood libel from the left, makes it quite clear she's not going anywhere. In fact, after discussing the left and their corrupt media partners, Sarah goes after the Obama regime and it's disastrous economic policies, foreign policies, and energy policies. Sarah Palin has a conviction about her that is quite rare in these times. She has an inner strength that will not be challenge by the rabid little dogs on the left nipping at her heels. This is what a true leader looks like."
Marc Schenker at
"On the whole, it was a successful interview that accomplished the goals of putting the liberals in place as well as making Palin look like a sympathetic figure."
Rush Limbaugh:
"I don't know of anybody in the political arena who has been more impugned, libeled, slandered, ripped, mischaracterized. It has been vicious, personally vicious and merciless, and she appears untainted by it. In fact, she has risen above it. And as you know, our party is filled with people who just cave at the first sign of this... She has not done that at all. So whatever else you think of Sarah Palin, folks, you have to marvel at how she has dealt with this and risen above it, not become bitter by it -- and it just continues, and it increases in its intensity... That's where she has totally befuddled them. She's gotten stronger throughout all this."
Jennifer at Riehl World View:
"In her much anticipated interview with Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin knocked it out of the park. When asked about the criticisms, she exposed that the left's agenda is to attack her, and shift focus away from the liberals' failed policies and the critical issues of the day. She actually showed more guts than some of the people on our side."
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"You will be shocked to learn that the reviews by the left-wing and supposedly moderate blogs bear little relationship to reality. I can't help but wonder whether these people actually watched the interview, or simply projected their own imagined conclusions... Palin did very well. If Palin were a liberal Democrat, she would be receiving accolades in the mainstream media... Palin cannot just ignore the obvious libel against her. That is the strategy pursued by the Bush administration in the face of false accusations that Bush 'lied us into war.' We saw how that strategy of silence worked... Palin is correct to fight back forcefully against people for whom the truth about the Tucson shooting is just a set of inconvenient facts to be ignored for a false political narrative."
Doug Powers at
"Contrary to some opinions, I’m willing to bet Sarah Palin eventually comes out of this politically stronger than ever... If she does in fact enter the presidential fray, her advantage will be that she’s been swinging a heavily weighted bat in the on-deck circle for quite some time now (to say the least), and as a result the actual trip to the plate will be easier for her than it will be on the others in the running."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"Sorry democrats, Sarah Palin is one conservative who won’t wither away and shut up."
Matt Schneider at Mediaite:
"Although some feel all she did was preach to the choir, she actually accomplished a whole lot more with this passionate and, dare I say, courageous appearance. Not only did she rally her conservative troops, but she also laid the foundation for her continued relevance as a national figure while also skillfully establishing why she believed the mainstream media, and liberals in general, despise her. Simply put, she’s the most effective messenger for conservative principles and she will not be silenced."
- JP

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