Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quote of the Day (January 4, 2011)

The princes of the petty in the press are determined to avoid dealing with actual ideas
Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish:
"Debates on the morality of Sarah Palin's elk shootings are easy to find. A serious response to her statement on the omnibus spending bill is nowhere to be found. The media calls her unserious, and yet it would rather spend hours talking about a vast right wing conspiracy to help her daughter win on Dancing with the Stars, than deal with her take on the actual issues. Contrary to what the Beltway crowd seems to believe, Palin does not have the influence she does because she hunts and fishes, but because of the ideas she champions... But Democrats spend months analyzing Sarah Palin's hunting skills and her daughter's dancing skills -- and actually imagine that they're on the right track to winning in 2012... When faced with an electoral challenge, they respond like the members of a High School clique suddenly facing competition, with taunts, nicknames and whispering campaigns... Sally Quinn's meltdown in the pages of the Washington Post over an appearance by Sarah Palin's daughter on Dancing with the Stars, read like something one of Carrie's female tormentors might have penned for the school paper. You can almost hear her screaming between the pages, 'She's ruining my prom. Get her out of here. Get her out of here right now!'"
- JP

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